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Camera Gear Insurance - Sudden change Of Terms

Posted 17/08/2023 - 10:07 Link
I have been with my Camera insurer for decades, but when this years renewal came around there were changes that were not flagged up as a major change. I had to read them in the usual small print. I even checked last years to see if I had missed it from last year, but, no it was new this year. It seems itís not the insurers bu the underwriters that have made the change.

Copied from the insurance documentation

Photographic Equipment Protection Insurance

Minimum Security Requirements

It is a condition precedent to our liability for loss or damage resulting from theft or attempted theft that you have in place the following minimum levels of security or such level as specified in the schedule and all such devices are put into full and effective operation whenever the premises are closed for business or left unattended:
(a) all external doors of the buildings occupied by you and internal doors which give access to any part of the buildings not occupied by you must be fitted and secured with one of the following:

(i) a mortice deadlock with matching boxed striking plate or rim lock conforming to BS3621

(ii) a five lever close shackle padlock and locking bar

(iii) in the case of aluminium or UPVC framed doors cylinder operated mortice deadlock

(iv) an alternative form of locking system of similar quality and strength to BS3621 which has been agreed by us all outward opening external doors of the buildings occupied by you must be fitted and secured with hinge bolts

(b) aluminium or UPVC framed doors are to be fitted with integral cylinder key operated mortice deadlocks

(c) all accessible opening windows, fanlights and skylights including those accessible from roofs, decks, balconies, fire escapes, canopies or down pipes must be fitted and secured with key operated window locks. This requirement does not apply to windows, fanlights or skylights which are protected by solid steel bars, grilles, gates, expanded metal or weld-mesh securely fixed to the brickwork surrounding the window

I had to photograph each side of the house and each lock of each door and send them in for appraisal. As I knew, my house does not comply so my excess has been increased to £500.00

A friend of mine reports similar for their house insurance and I have since heard that others insurers are asking for the same criteria.
Posted 17/08/2023 - 10:13 Link
It strikes me that if we all had to do this, the insurers themselves would become a weak point regarding security. They would have full details of all our locks and security arrangements held on file. Securely of course, but how secure is any organisation that holds our data? I would feel happier if they simply issued their requirements, and if there was an incident and we hadn't complied to find out and make adjustments at that stage.
Best regards, John
Posted 17/08/2023 - 10:58 Link
Typical really.... but with the statecof the economy not surprising!

Any avenue they can use to get out of paying, they'll use...
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Posted 17/08/2023 - 21:19 Link
This was pretty much the same conditions for normal house insurance when I moved to my current house 17 years ago.

What has actually changed ?
Posted 18/08/2023 - 01:03 Link
I too am confused by this. It is being cited as a major imposition but insurers have made their preference for five lever locks, locking windows, deadbolts and the like quite clear for years. Those silly, pretty metal catches and stays that adorn many old wooden windows are a joke and frankly, uninsureable. So is the old, well worn 'yale' lock on many front doors that almost any key will access. Am I missing something here?
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Posted 18/08/2023 - 09:24 Link
To be fair, they're just pushing you to have good security on your external doors, which is not a bad thing to have. Investing in bringing your home up to the standard required by the insurance could pay dividends later by making it much harder to burgle.
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Posted 18/08/2023 - 09:35 Link
Almost every year there are changes to my household insurance policy. Usually it is to clarify the meaning of certain words or terms, sometimes it is something more substantial. My guess is that most of the changes have been made because the insurance company has had a disputed claim that hinged on the precise meaning of words and want to remove any ambiguity. And in the other direction, I once asked for clarification on whether an SLR with lens attached would be considered one item or two when interpreting a clause in the policy. The reason for a more substantial change is usually obvious, for example people working from home due to Covid restrictions caused changes over what business-related items are and are not covered.

As for the specific details in the OP's post, the new terms and excess don't seem unreasonable to me. The only thing that does is requiring photographs when a simple yes/no checklist is all that is needed. I suppose that taking photos of everything with a phone is now so commonplace that it's considered normal to ask for them.


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