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C2PA Specification

Posted 04/11/2023 - 14:46 Link
I've come across this once or twice recently but never followed it up. In the most recent post from Fstoppers in an article 'Content Credentials (Probably) Won’t Save Photojournalism', they provide a link explaining C2PA, ( Interesting.

Just wondering what folk feel about this is all. Maybe professional photographers only? Or someone like me, (rubbish amateur who really likes Pentax cameras)?
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Posted 05/11/2023 - 21:17 Link
Interesting, I'd never heard of C2PA before.

Personally, I doubt that it would have much impact on social media because much of that is too ephemeral, inconsequential or trivial for evidence of authenticity (or even authenticity itself) to be relevant. Same for some mainstream media content - if an editor wants a picture of a glass of beer on a pub table, it really doesn't matter whether it was an unaltered photo taken in a real pub, a staged photo in a studio or an AI generated image. As far as I can see, C2PA is only relevent when an image could have a serious impact (e.g. as evidence of a crime). And even then, if an editor is sent a non-authenticated image of a significant event in a war zone and they have no access to anything else from that area, are they going to reject it because they can't prove its pedigree? I doubt it.

As for amateurs, it seems to me that it can be safely ignored unless you want to enter competitions that require it.

Posted 05/11/2023 - 22:19 Link
Very interesting posts, we can all remember the world wide MSM photograph , the death(drowning) on the Syrian beach of the two year old boy in a red teeshirt 2015, if one jogs the memory.
Many said afterwards that it was not a genuine photograph of the event discovered but a staged one for maximum impact (perhaps) it's hard to tell, the doubt that is.
But two year old Alan Kurdi was already dead(drowned) and maybe repositioned for the shocking image.
Its a very fickle age this digital AI and more and more it can distort reality.

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