Brooklyn Beckham and his Pentax MX


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I think it's an MX anyhow
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Looks an MX on a piece of string
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Algernon wrote:
Looks an MX on a piece of string

And the self-timer/stop-down lever's fallen off...
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barkin wrote:
Algernon wrote:
Looks an MX on a piece of string

And the self-timer/stop-down lever's fallen off...

That would make it a K1000 then... it doesn't have one!
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Doesn't he have a strap for that 'Blad???

Do you reckon he knows how to use them or is he just using them as "cool accessories"?
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Doesn't matter what he uses he is using film. I think he is going to be doing some sort of educational course shortly so good on him.


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I think that he will come to regret being encouraged/pressed into publishing a book of photos so early, it appears that whilst his parents have useful contacts they are probably not the right ones to give the lad helpful advice in this field. Penguin books have shamelessly exploited his name for their own ends and I cannot imagine that any of the fashion photographers would have recommended a Hasselblad or a Leica as a learning tool, that shouts more like just buying the best for the lad without understanding the subject. Like buying a learner driver a Porsche. So maybe a film camera is Brooklyn's choice rather than his parents', ok very cool but nonetheless an encouraging sign of independence.
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