British GT Championship, Oulton Park


Link Posted 13/09/2021 - 11:05
Had another day at Oulton Park this weekend, this time with some more modern stuff rather than the classics at the Gold Cup. As with the last time I went to Oulton for the GTs, weather was decidedly wet by the time they got out for the second race. As a result of that, I didn't really get the chance to wander around the track quite so much, so while I'm reasonably happy with the results, they are pretty similar.


I had an opportunity to do a grid walk, but in all honesty I wasn't really sure where I could walk so I didn't get much done.






I did manage to leave my coat in the car, so some of the Caterham and GB3 shots were taken by jogging out to the corner, taking a few photos, then jogging back to the nearest big tree. By the time the GTs came out again, I'd got the coat out. Camera got pretty wet, but it doesn't seem to upset for it.

Any comments and critique welcome. I am happier with this set than I was with the GTs from a couple of years ago, despite similar weather something seems to be working a little better.
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