Bowens 2 in 1 90cm Umbrella - great kit and price


Link Posted 24/08/2013 - 12:52
If you are looking for a decent quality 90cm umbrella that does shoot through and silver reflective I can commend these - usual price from Bowens Direct is 33 each

Already having a Bowens 90cm that is really nicely made I got another brand new from this seller for an excellent price (less than an equivalent Kood!):

no affiliation with seller, other than having bought one from them and being happy it is a proper Bowens - and it came perfectly packed in a box



Link Posted 24/08/2013 - 15:26
to clarify - you can get these for a lot less than 33! I paid just over a tenner delivered - the seller is "open to offers" so you might get it slightly cheaper

These umbrellas look to be standard issue with Bowens lighting kits - and they also seem to crop up on ebay all the time for a price close to Ebay cheapies

In my view, unless you need/want bigger, these are an outstanding quality (and best value) first umbrella
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sorry kanpan - your link looks like spam to me
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