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Blackstone or Firefly for the Irix 15mm


Link Posted 16/07/2018 - 17:21
After months of soul searching for a super wide angle lens for my K1. Still cant bring myself to pay the Pentax 15-30 price. Though I don't doubt its capability, as a lens. Its also auto focus with a more sensible filter ring size.

But the reviews of the Irix 15mm manual lens are receiving more and more acclaim all the time. But what I cant evaluate is which one ? Firefly or Blackstone ?

Optically they are the same lens.. Which makes the metal Blackstone more robust. Less likely to damage. but more expensive. Or the Poly carbonate Firefly. Lighter on the camera all day..

Looking for owners opinions on which ones they plumped for. Or did they wish they had plumped for the other version....?
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Link Posted 16/07/2018 - 23:30
Had both, now own the Firefly - fabulous lens. For me, the price was key. The Blackstone felt great in the hand and also on camera (maybe a bit thick to be really comfortable) and the Firefly is similar. The Firefly has a nice rubbery focusing ring while the Blackstone has grooved metal (feels premium). The WR is something I wouldn't really trust on either.

In terms of damage, they're both heavy enough to take bad damage to the optics (decentering is a common problem anyway) so the decision really comes down to what you'd like. Do you want a great lens with very few drawbacks or do you want the same thing with a premium finish lens (less ergonomic) for a bit more money?


Link Posted 17/07/2018 - 04:30
Interesting. Thanks for your input Haris.. One of my main concerns is actually over both. And the 95mm filter thread and if I will require more new filters. I have 100mm filters and bracket but worry the bracket will be seen through the lens...? I believe the Irix gel filters are relatively poor according to YouTube...
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Link Posted 17/07/2018 - 09:54
Oh yes, I forgot to mention the dealbreaker for me... the 95mm filter size means your 100mm system will introduce vignetting.

I'm happy to not use 100mm filters on the lenses and am also keeping an eye on a few 'thin' filter holders, mainly from China.

And since I have a FA 20-35 at the moment, I won't carry the Irix in my smaller kit bag. The size of the front end can be pretty annoying, even though the elements themselves aren't that big.
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