Best Pentax DSLR / lens combo for Wildlife photography


Link Posted 29/10/2016 - 23:09
Before everyone gets carried away by the need for the latest kit, just have a look at the hummingbird and the teals posted in the Gallery today by Ramiot !
I think this is a sharp reminder that it is the photographer that makes the picture, not the kit !



Link Posted 31/10/2016 - 17:20
Thanks for advising me about those images they are amazing. I think I just need to get out and practice, practice and practice some more.

I have found that with the lens I have, its best used in bright light for best results, in overcast weather or when the subject is in shade the images are not as good (clear/sharp). I will try setting the aperture to f8 and see what happens.

Regards other camera manufactures I was given an identical Sigma 150-500mm DG lens and a 100mm Sigma EX lens with a Nikon Mount by a former colleague. I have not used these on a Nikon Camera but have let two other individuals use these on a long term loan. What would be good i suppose, is for me compere the results between a Nikon mid priced DSLR and my Pentax K5.

Regards focusing am I right in assuming that lenses with screw type focusing are slower than the newer lenses?

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Best Regards,

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Paul I believe when shooting wildlife the most important thing is knowing your subject no matter what gear you use.

I would suggest to focus on one subject to start with, perhaps a common bird (preferably a large species) and widely available to shoot all year round. You need to know where when and how to approach your subject and understand its natural behaviour. If you observe your chosen subject for a certain period you will learn how it behaves and interact and therefore you can predict what your subject is about to do. Without that knowledge the fastest gear currently available won't be fast enough and you will still struggle to frame track focus and shoot it.

Regards, Peter

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