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Link Posted 09/11/2007 - 18:49
Right.....thought I'd take the plunge as some other newbies have and put myself out there for critique from you guys. I'm a newbie to the forum and to phography in general (other than holiday snaps in the past!) Would love to hear your thoughts on these......I have played around with a couple in photoshop but not even sure what I am doing there - or with the it's more a composition thing I was trying for.



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The third one is the strongest. All the lines lead us into the image and towards that dark and moody sky. Add the terrific lighting and you have a very good image.

I think the second one is too confused and I'm not sure I like the sliver of sky at the top which spoils the splash of colour. Perhaps if you went in closer and made one poppy dominant and then the others could form a backdrop to that. The colour is fantastic though.

The first one has nice lighting on the fence and a good lead in...but to what? When our eye is drawn in to the image it arrives at a pretty blank bit of sky. I'm sure there is a great image to be made in this location, but it needs revisiting and working around a little more.

A good start, with one out of the three being extremely good, so that's a good indication that you are on the path to some great pictures.

Hope that helps.
Best regards, John


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Hi Janey,
welcome to this forum. I second all the points John made, with some extra notes. I think, you certainly have the eye. You only have to develop it a bit more.
The first picture has a lot potential. Use the fence as the strongest lead in line by changing your standpoint. And go a lot closer to the fence. maximize DOF by closing your aperture to f16 or so.

The second one is really a colorful splash. Go in further and leave out all the distracting bits. Place one perfect poppy large and perfect in focus.

The last one cries out: Monochrome
Set the horizon straight (easy with measure tool in PS ) and cut the lower third part of the picture, just beneath the white surf break. Then convert to mono. Then print it out big and put it on the wall, as your first Masterpiece.

Hope that no more misfortune prevents you for taking a lot of pleasure in this fantastic hobby called Photography
With Pentax equipment of course

Good light to you,
Best regards,


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Janey, you're making me jealous.

very good start.
Please call me aj,

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I'm rubbish at critique (so it's lucky I never win the competitions on these boards really) but I do know what I like and I like the poppies. Nice striking colours.
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I'd agree with John - the 3rd picture is the best because it has drama. The first is a nice scene but lacks any real bite. The 2nd has great potential however I think it needs a single in-focus, close poppy as a larger part of the shot plus more saturation in the colours.

Good start though!


Link Posted 10/11/2007 - 14:08
Thank you so much for your feedback. It has really boosted my confidence. A couple of family members had said they really liked some of the pics but it's fantastic to get some comments from people in the know. I now have some ideas to move on with and hopefully will get some better results taking your comments into consideration.

Thanks again.....a very chuffed JaneyB
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