Beauty and the Beast


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Please help me to understand what is required topic wise for this competition.
I have studied the entry entered...and I just cannot figure out what it represents...why it is called Pigs can fly... I have no idea what kind of thing is being looked for?
Clearly I am missing the beat.... so please give me guidance.


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A link to the Country file competition that is referred to. I hope it helps, beyond this I cannot comment.


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I reckon the OP didn't consider that Countryfile is a UK TV programme, but people read PU from all around the world. Only those in the UK who also happen to watch the programme will appreciate the 'lines' referred to.
Maybe the BBC page about it will help:
Note it isn't 'Beast' but 'Beasts. I believe 'Beauty and the Beast' was a fairy tale where a prince cursed to spend his days as a hideous monster sets out to regain his humanity by earning a young woman's love.
If I was to enter the BBC comp I don't think I'd upload it here before hand. It might give others ideas!
John K
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Okay....Thanks I got it. I tried to enter the Countryfile contest, as you do not have to live in the UK....but the photo must be taken in the UK. However, I my Canadian phone number would not work it came up as an error. I have no other number I can use....and if I leave it blank it comes up as an error...Grrrrr!!!! LOL

Now I shall enter one for you all!



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WHAT AM I SAYING..... I cannot enter a photo I took in England last month in this months competition... I know better than that. Okay, I need to do a beauty and the beast photo from here.
So out I go looking for some kind of "beast"

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