Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at Chartwell


Link Posted 07/09/2010 - 22:38
A couple from last Saturday. A great concert at Chartwell with a Spitfire and Hurricane performing, followed by a Spitfire dog-fighting with an ME109.

Pentax K10 + DA* 300mm


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Very nice.

PPG link

In LBA hiatus.


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Great shot's, of great aircraft.
My piccies.


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You have this down pat, Peter.


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Thanks for the kind comments. This was the first time I have photographed aircraft, and I was very pleased with the results. I think I needed a slower shutter speed than 1/500 to get the right amount of prop blur. I will have to find an airshow now to hone my skills further.

I had the K10 set to multi- focus point A/F, and continous A/F, and I think it did very well.

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Lovely aircraft shots, Peter.

It's a pity, though, that one has to click on them to view in just a slightly bigger version, to get rid of the ragged edges. Hint: Resize to 800 pixels before uploading, then no resizing occurs.
Best regards

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Nice sharp well exposed shots .. well done.

pschlute wrote:

I had the K10 set to multi- focus point A/F, and continous A/F, and I think it did very well.

Pentax cameras have no problem with the older slower planes, it's the fast jets that cause all the comments about the AF system.
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Lovely sharp pics of two great aircraft

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Lovely shots Peter.

Sharp, well exposed and very interesting subject matter.
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Link Posted 08/09/2010 - 20:35
Fabulous shots, especially of the 109, with the pilot looking slightly to his left (should that be port?). I don't think I'd fret about not enough propelor blur, it's difficult enough getting the aircraft sharp even at 500th. Did you know that the 109 has a Merlin engine? What are things coming to?!

Thanks, btw for your comments about my Duxford stuff. Both of these were there as well as 15(!) other Spitfires. Fantastic.

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