Basic Colour Management: C1 & PS


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Wow this is really very good information. i like this information and this will help me and also others a lot. so, thanks for sharing this information.



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again, many thanks for this information, it is very helpfull.
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The ordinary technique of putting the subject somewhat off-centre, about a third of the way Melbourne Event Photography from either the left, right, upper or lower part of the photograph. Not for all time the best option, but generally can help a photograph's composition.


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It likes reading a science paper to follow your links.
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So great avis,i will try...


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Thanks, MattMattic for this useful guide. I use Data Color Spyder 4 for Calibrating my display monitor. I have kept sRGB as the default color space. , most of the printing facilities in my area support only sRGB. So, there is no use in keeping Prophoto as the color space.
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