Bag for K10 + 16-45 lens?


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My K10 usually has a 16-45 lens on it. I have had a couple of Lowepro TLZ1 bags which were ideal in terms of features but failed disappointingly quickly in the fabric holding the main zip.

I think this is partly due to poor materials but also due to the fact that the combination of camera, lens and strap is a bit big for the bag and puts strain on the zip mountings. I'm also probably not careful enough with the strap when stowing the camera.

There seem to be two options. One is to find a lighter strap with a smaller/no shoulder pad (I rarely carry the camera out of its bag so comfort is not a major concern) and stick with the TLZ1 and see if that overcomes the issue. The other is to get a bigger bag. A quick surf suggests that bigger bags are likely to be quite a bit bigger, a drawback for general convenience and when putting in the backpack for travelling.

I want a couple of pockets for battery, filters, cards and a belt loop.

I need to go and start looking at the real thing (any recommendations for stores with a good range of bags in Lincoln or Hull?) but thought I would ask here first to see if anyone else has experience of this issue.




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What about getting one of the LowePro (or other) camera backpacks rather than using separate camera bag and backpack? These have room for other stuff besides camera equipment, and the zips tend to be reliable. Several sizes are available.

The camera can be quickly accessed from a SlingShot or FastPack by swinging it round to your front.
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Thanks for response. I have a Lowepro CompuTrekker AW for travelling which is fine for that purpose but not something I want to wear for sightseeing, walking etc especially when in busy, hot or high places. The need is for quick and easy access to the camera, hence the bag is the preferred approach.

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Would you be interested in a Crumpler bag?

I have two and was thinking of offloading one of them. In excellent condition. They are well made but very light weight with a comfortable shoulder strap.

Should be big enough to hold your camera with lens fitted, and at least one additional lens (up to size of 55-300) or flash, plus there is a velcro front pouch that can hold spare battery, memory cards, and a few odds and ends. Comes with a couple of movable velcro-ed dividers.

I'm at work currently but almost sure that they were called "Ben's Pizza" if you want to Google and take a look.

I would be happy to send it as a freebie if you were prepared to make donation to a charity of your choice that would at least cover cost of postage plus say another tenner on top.

PM if you're interested, otherwise this thread may stray a bit too far off topic and into the classifieds!



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The Faspack 100 backpack is small, and I find it practical for sightseeing in busy places, and pretty quick to access the camera by swinging it round, as a video on the LowePro website demonstrates. This would do on the days where you don't need to carry much extra, though wouldn't be suitable for more serious travelling.


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Gotta be CCS for smaller bags,Lowepro for rucksacks etc.Got a Hama in the loft which I used for Canada many years ago.
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I have read this thread, and I have to say the offer that JonSchick has given is more than generous.

In considering camera bags, I find it much like comparing underwear. They all do the same thing but their quality and price vary, and each has their own preference to style. I have several camera bags mainly to fit different types of shoots, and the brands cover Tamarac, Lowepro, M-Rock, and Think Tank Photo. The range goes from simple shoulder bag, to sling, large shoulder bag that can handle a couple bodies, lenses and flashes, to a large messenger style bag that can carry the netbook, a body, couple lenses, and a flash. Now, what is the point to all this?

Each brand has certain features, materials, and configurations that appeal to different photographers. The Tamarac bags have never done anything for me and I have given almost all of them away, so the one I have kept is hardly used and relegated to some film equipment. Others may think it is the greatest bag ever made. I have given away almost all my Lowepro bags because I just do not like them except for the slingshot. Others again may think they are the greatest in the world, I just do not like them. The other two brands are mainly American brands. Those I happen to love because they do more for me and are much better built, and their prices fall into the high and low range.

I would tend to go less on what others may think or recommend, and more on getting out there and feeling the bag, seeing what it can handle, and how you plan on using it. We all have our preferences and we all utilize our gear in different ways and environments along with the type of shooting we do. I would suggest to get out there, and find the bag that fits you and the type of shooting you do.

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This man ^ speaketh great wisdom.

You can't know what a bag is like until you pick it up and examine it for yourself. Any camera bag of large enough dimensions will hold your camera, but it's got to be comfortable and convinient for the way YOU like to carry your kit.

I like a big bag which hangs by my side with everything in it, so the largest of the LowePro TLZ's is ideal for me. When traveling lighter I carry a Kata bag which I got from Chris@SRS. Cheaper than the equivalent Lowepro but very well made and takes my K10D+16-45 nicely, even with my big padded Pentax Sport Optics strap on.
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Although we all want a Billingham or not?

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I have one of the National Geographic bags, and it's been very good so far.
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I use a lowepro TLZ2 if i'm just going out with K20D & 16-45 also used it with K10D & same lens or 55-300, but if i'm going on a treck then i use a Tamrac Adventure 7. Seems to have plenty of room for anything extra that i might want to take with me you can even fit a tripod to it.

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Anvh wrote:
Although we all want a Billingham or not?

Not me.

I have three bags, which get used on occasion. I'd like a fourth - a ThinkTank or similar which would be a comfortable carry-on.

I have a Tamrac rucksack, which holds all I need and is carry-on legal (just) provided they don't have a weight limit. It is heavy empty and over the 5kg weight limit some airlines impose when it's got the gear in it.
I have an old Lowepro which I've had forever, which holds a lot, takes up little space but is a pain to carry, and my newest one is a girly bag for when I don't want to look like I'm carrying a camera around - the Crumpler Pretty Bella 7500, in oatmeal (a discontinued colour now) though you can still see it on their Dutch website ; It doesn't hold as much as I would like but it is fine for city trips and the like. I bought it online without seeing it first and can't see how it can possibly hold all Crumpler claims it can.

You have to try a bag and see what suits you.

JonSchick is being incredibly generous with his offer! Well done Jon!
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robbie_d wrote:
I have one of the National Geographic bags, and it's been very good so far.

I also have a National Geographic bag for my video equipment (which I do not count as part of my photo kit) which suits me fine. Unfortunately, if I get any more equipment I will have outgrown it.

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