Bad review for DA* 16-50mm


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m42geo wrote:

Can you please post a full size image of your grandson? thanks

I'm not sure if I can post a full sized version as I think the hosting site will reduce it in size but I have put it here.

The orignal pre editing shot is also here.


Edit - I have put the edited image in the Gallery here too.
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So it seems that the people who complain about this lens don't own it. They've just read a few "tests".

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I would love to own another DA* lens, but just cannot justify the cost involved for so little improvement. Review after review seems to back this. I think Pentax seriously need to review this lens & its cost before I would consider buying it now...
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I am currently saving up funds to purchase a DA* 16-50mm. Based on user experience and other information found on the internet, I am pretty certain that I will be very happy with this lens. I believe the trio of zoom lenses developed in co-operation with Tokina, the DA 12-24, DA* 16-50 and DA* 50-135, are all exceptional lenses.




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I don't think worries about SDM failures should deter potential buyers as there are now 'tried and tested' DIY fixes available that cater for all levels of technical expertise.

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'Tried and tested DIY fixes' - hmmm, possibly not what you want to be reading about when you are thinking about spending a very large amount of money on an SDM lens... You might conclude screw focus isn't such a bad idea after all


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I have the DA* 16-50 and DA* 50-135 and DA 12-24. The only lens that demands AF, in my opinion, is the DA* 50-135. That's the sports lens. It's also the lens with the broken SDM auto focus. My 16-50 is working flawlessly. Grumbles loudly.

Wide to normal focal length lenses can be used quite handily without AF. Many times the 16-50 and 12-24 are used in manual focus because it works better than AF for the uses to which those two lenses are put by me. With wide and super wide lenses, I often find that there is nothing on which to focus where I want to put my focus setting to get the depth of field the way I want it anyway.
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