Autumn colours by the light of the setting sun


Link Posted 13/11/2010 - 17:45
I took these in our local garden this afternoon as the sun was going down. The last two were actually in total shade though.

Taken with K20D + SMCP-FA 43mm 1:1.9 Limited.

Peter E Smith

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Beautiful golden colours. I particularly like the ones which contrast against that deep blue sky.
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I like the last one.
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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No 2 is my favourite
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2 & 4 are my picks, like Don and Andrew.


Link Posted 14/11/2010 - 10:00
2 & 4 are also my favourite, but, do I have a problem?

If you look carefully at the right hand edges of the lower leaves in #2, there is a strange greyish halo.

All of these images have had some PP work in Lightroom 3, but not much more than saturation, luminance, sharpening adjustments and cropping.

The halo effect is there in the original too. I took two similar shots, both had the same halo. They were shot with the sun very low and the camera facing slightly towards the sun but not directly at it. The leaves are lit by the sun from behind.

Any ideas.

I decided to take the 43mm Ltd for a walk yesterday for the first time in ages so I was a bit surprised to find this. I may get time to do some more today with other lenses to see if they exhibit a similar problem, if it is a problem.

This is the original image with no adjustments or cropping.

Peter E Smith

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Peter, I think I'm looking at the correct part - is it just a matter of that lens / camera combination, and the way it renders oof edges in those specific colour combinations?


Link Posted 14/11/2010 - 10:52
It could very well be. Apart from the last one which was @ ISO 400, these were shot wide open ISO 100 @ f1.9 as I wanted some OOF parts to the images.

I'll have to do some more tests.

Looking at the original, if you look at the left hand edge of the right hand leaf that meets the bottom border, that illustrates what I am wondering about. It's almost as if there is the main image, plus two 'ghosts'.

I'd be interested to hear from others with this lens if they have noticed any similar behaviour.
Peter E Smith

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#1...Like the golden colour. Great sharpness and wonderful angle.
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