Asahi Pentax Photography Vol 1 Number 1


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A couple of folders of APP have come my way, Volumes 1 and 2, so I thought we might like to see the cover of the first issue. This was published by Rank Photographic and has contributions from all the "big names" of the day in its first letters page. One familiar members whose work starts to appear in the competitions is Peter Elgar, who is still very much with us here on Pentax User.

Apologies for clipping the magazine edge, but my scanner doesn't cater for Quarto format. The cover image is by Sam Haskins.

Inside, a loose leaf shows us an array of fascinating offers. It may be slightly too late to order any of these....

Interestingly, the magazine is very coy about mentioning names and all we know is that "The Editor" exists. This shadowy figure may be mentioned in a later issue, I'll let you know. As for dates, that's equally elusive, but we get a clue from the first new camera mentioned, the Pentax ES.
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Only just seen this! Very interesting - and the front cover with a bit of trick photography without photo-shop! I winder if anyone today would consider the cigarette lighter a collector's item?!


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I love looking at this sort of stuff. If I ever wore a tie, I'd order no. 3.
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I still have all those but a lot are in the loft -- hope Wife has not dumped them -- I used to run the 'Essex Group ' of the Pentax Club and had meetings in my house then as it got too big had meetings in 'Old House' Brentwood and even hosted a Pentax Club weekend event where Peter & Liz Cox booked the entire premises and we had an Exhibition of Pentax Photos on the wall, several rooms with all different practical events going on such a 'macro- photography gadgets' and 'portraiture by Window light' and developing film. I won FREE a Pentax Program A for introducing the greatest number of members to the Pentax Club of Great Britain and used it a lot . Then Wife went off with a bloke from another Camera Club and I gave it all up and lived on my own for some years until finally getting present Wife a Filpina 23 years younger than me but I didn't give HER any PENTAX gear as I did previous Wife and Girl friend -- I got her a bargain NIKON FE outfit from a Widow Lady -- we have just celebrated 20 years and Wife No. 2 lives in Malta with her new bloke.

PS : I Have THAT TIE still !!
been a member of Pentax Club since the Ron Spillman era! Got COMPUTERISED at last - DIGITISED? Taken the PLUNGE - BUT FILM STILL RULES !!!
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Thanks for sharing that Peter. In those days communication was very different - no internet!

I think we'd like to see a photo of you wearing The Tie!
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A lesson for us all there ... Do not take ANY wife with you to a camera club!
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