Asahi Pentax ME - Using a repair service ...


Link Posted 22/03/2003 - 10:45
I ordered a check to my ME-body at Pentax. The Counter was defect. The check shows some other problems (Exposure...). Repairing cost about 100 EUR! That is a little bit more what I have to pay for the complete system (Tele-Lens, Standard and small pieces and cases) at ebay. But ist is a wonderfull body, the shutter and film-transport is just perfekt, I donīt know, do I become a same, almost like new body. The ME has a wounderfull finish for a amateur-class-camera. It is perfect to handle and makes good positive films. And the lenses are perfect and compact. So when I found a new good body like this, is it really perfect in all? Do another camera have a perfect metering and exposure funktion?
And I donīt like AF-cameras.

Should I do repairing really!
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