Are Calumet o.k. to deal with?


Link Posted 19/09/2013 - 13:19
Can't find any recent discussions on here, but just wondered what people's experience of Calumet is? Prefer to use SRS where possible, but in this instance might use Calumet and wanted to know if people's experience with after sales if something has to be fixed under warranty is positive? I don't live near a shop so everything would be done by internet/post.



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Calumet are a professional dealer and as such should be fine.

However, I thought they didn't really major on Pentax, so why Calumet? It just seems a bit random?
Best regards, John


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Thanks John.

It's actually a piece of equipment to use with a Pentax! Just quite a bit cheaper than SRS.....


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Calumet are an excellent store. I've never had any issues with them.
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A very good company. Things are usually at a premium price. So if I was you. I would go right ahead and purchase.
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Thanks. Bought - just need a camera now.......


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Bought my K10 from them, very good company Mate/


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I use their tripods (cheaper than manfrotto's, similar design)... always very helpful re replacement parts etc...




Link Posted 20/09/2013 - 10:20
Yes, Calumet are fine to deal with, both in store and on the web.

They service the needs of professionals so their customer service is excellent. Just a pity they don't stock Pentax.


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milamber wrote:
Thanks. Bought - just need a camera now.......

So, come on then. What was the bargain?



Link Posted 27/10/2013 - 00:24
I just got some Calumet gift vouchers as a present. Have you checked the prices of their Pentax lenses! I can't believe they actually intend selling anything.

With 90 worth of vouchers I was down to a CPL Filter as the only thing I could get and they were their own make and 3 times the price of HOYA Filters. Whats the game?

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There is a branch of Calumnet in Edinburgh which stocks a pretty wide range of gear. Most of their camera/lens products however are Canon/Nikon focused. Not sure they are aiming at "ordinary" customers as they seem to be catering for professionals and more importantly those with deep pockets. They show Pentax products on their web site but prices are high and availability of products can be an issue.


Link Posted 22/11/2013 - 19:53
I know it's an oldish thread but felt I had to add to my previous comment.

I went into Calumet (Manchester) today with a first question being "Will you accept these vouchers?" My concern being they had not been date stamped but the guy behind the counter remembered selling them and knew the occasion (I'm guessing they don't sell a lot of Gift Vouchers)

We then chatted about my "Leaving Present" and Motorbikes. John, the Assistant, was a smashing guy but it was clear I was in the wrong shop when I said I was using a K5 and he momentarily racked his brain before announcing "that's a Pentax? So it's for a Crop Sensor?"

We had already hit it off on the motorbike front but he knew he was going to struggle helping me. I had thrown around ideas of tripods and flash guns but we were rapidly down to batteries and maybe a CPL lol.

Great place to go if you have a Canon/Nikon or want to talk to someone about photography (Motorbikes too if you ask for John) but I felt like I had just gone to Harrods for a tin of beans.

Just sayin'

Sometimes I'm serious and sometimes not, but I consider sarcasm an artform. Which is it today?
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