Anyone have a clear grasp on the K3.3 crop function


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The discussion regarding focal length, image circle and recording medium size is largely true, and has been since the days of film (5x4 v 6x7 v 35mm etc.).

The issue as to recording medium size is a bit more complicated. The sensor consists of a certain number of photosites. You can have a "full frame" sensor which is 30mpx, and you can have a APS-C one which is the same. The advantage of the full frame one is that it is easier to avoid the electronics creating noise in the image because the density is less. I'm not a a specialist in these things so the reality is much more complicated, but it isn't just about cost. I think of it a bit like film, Tri-X looks pretty grain free when you use 5x4, but less so in 35mm.

The other reality is that sensor technology keeps on improving. My phone knocks spots off a K10D providing you want a wide-angle lens. Where the K10D wins is in its ability to fit a telephoto lens! (and yes, I know there are bolt-on lenses for phones but I doubt the image quality is up with a DA* 50-135).
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