anybody looking to sell their 15mm ltd or 12-24?


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Actually, I'm currently selling my sigma 8-16. Proceeds to go to something more compact and less extreme.

But am I wrong to dismiss the 12-24...?

The thing is, I intend to use it with ND filters and a tripod, so am I foolishly dismissing the bigger albeit more expensive lens.

My heart (and back) says 15mm, my brain says 12-24mm.

General thoughts on this oft asked Question welcome. Has anyone changed from one to the other - what did you miss most about the lens you traded in?

Also as the title suggests if you are thinking of selling either actually my mind is not yet made up, but I will be buying one sooner rather them later...


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I have the 15mm DA Ltd. I haven't used it much yet and have no plans to sell it. A couple of examples in my portfolio on here, 'Polis Chrysochous Bay' this April in Cyprus and 'Late winter sunshine' at nearby Chatsworth testing the into the sun starburst effect when stopped down with a ND grad..

The 15mm? I've not owned anything nicer.
It's lack of pin cushioning is the feature I particularly like along with its warm colours.

I used to own the Sigma 10 - 20. I got fed up with lugging it around for so little use and it was almost a fisheye unless you had planes perfectly aligned. Many on here love the 12 - 24mm. I've sadly not owned one (yet)


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I own a 15mm Ltd which is in mint condition vary rarely used due to the type of photography I now do. I have all the original packaging. i am sure i have the receipt from SRS, I think the lens is less two years old as I purchased it prior to visiting the USA in December 2011. I am looking for 385.

I also have a 35mm Ltd Macro in mint condition and full packaging also purchased from SRS for sale 270.

I will sell the pair for 600 or separately as priced above.



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There is at least one of each for sale in the Classified Adverts Forum.


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oh i looked yesterday and nowt - or i need new glasses.

But also genuinely curious about what it is that people missed when giving up one of these. I won't miss the weight of the sigma or it's hatred of live view, but it's uniqueness at 8mm can't be beat - if you manage to tick all the boxes to get that magic shot.


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Steve - just checked, still neither. Maybe it's me, or they've appeared in forums.

PM sent Fletcher


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Ian hope these images provide an idea of the lens condition. I have had a polariser on the end of this lens since day one, so optically the front lens is in mint condition. As I said i have all the original packaging and soft case, plus the receipt. Any other questions let me know. It is a gem of a lens, only reason I am selling is i just dont use it in relation to the photography I now take.



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Lens sold to Evel79 pending payment.

For anyone looking for a 35mm Ltd Macro in mint condition pm me.
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Evel79 wrote:
Steve - just checked, still neither. Maybe it's me, or they've appeared in forums.

PM sent Fletcher

Pengbai's first link is to the 12-24 and here's the link to the 15mm

(Too late now, I know)
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