Any good Reason to buy a Pentax?


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Hi! I used to take pictures with a Nikon Coolpix and a Panasonic Lumix, but talking with a friend of mine who uses a Pentax Optio i10 I am thinking of swapping for a new model of this camera. Can you guys maybe give me a good reason for that? I mean, I don't know the camera at all, so I was hoping of getting some good advise from experts in the Pentax field!
Can you help?

Cheers everybody!


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I dont really know the specs, but to be honest, and to the best of my knowledge, there are better P&S out there.
Pentax and Nikon aren't really the stars of that arena.
Canon and Panasonic have some cracking offers there (G9/10/11, LX3 and others).
From Pentax, the water proof models seem to be good in their field, second to Canon I'd say.

But this is hear-say, people with experience will give you a better view.

Good luck on your hunting.


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to the best of my knowledge i think that pentax km and k7 which i use are great cameras if you look at the Photographys on this site of what people have uploaded you should see for your self and go with what you think but i agree with some of edumad says but i do like pentax the best i get good photos out of them.
hope this helps you
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Edumad how can you say that even if there are hardly any reviews out there of the new cameras
The H90 does get a pretty good review though
I also played with this camera in the shop and all the others since someone of Pentax was there and found it pretty good.

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It would be useful to know which Nikon and Panasonic cameras you have used. In particular, Panasonic make some of the best compact cameras out there, and I tend to agree with Eduardo that they along with Canon are probably the front runners in compact cameras, plus Ricoh who make some great cameras largely aimed at a more advanced market.

That said, the i10 is a lovely looking camera, and having had a play in a shop the other day, feels quite nicely put together too. I think you are probably paying a premium for its retro design - and in terms of outright image quality from what you can glean from the web I would expect it to perform similarly to other cameras but probably not better.

I think it's a clever move by Pentax to put what I am sure is a competent camera in such a stylish form which makes it stand out from the crowd, and is very desirable. But I would think twice about buying it if your only reason for doing so is to get better image quality.

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The trouble is that you need to use a camera for yourself, rather than rely on speculation.

There are not many really good compact cameras, certaiinly not on a par with a DSLR. Perhaps you should be looking at the Pentax X90, which will be much easier to get results out of than a compact.

Personally I think compacts are quite challenging to get quality from because they are too small and light and all the fiunctions tend to be hidden in menus so you need to be very aware of what you are doing.

Having said that, the I-10 performs very well and does its job with a bit of style.
Best regards, John


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I occasionally take photos with my Canon G10 compact. This is supposed to be one of the best image quality compacts. The image quality from the G10 is very inferior to that produced by my Pentax K20 and KX DSLRs. So I would suggest that all compacts have inferior image quality over DSLRs.
As I usually produce A3 prints, compacts are not for me.

However, the Pentax i10 is an iconic looking camera and if you don't need quality A3 prints, then it is a very desirable camera.
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As I usually produce A3 prints, compacts are not for me.

That's a good benchmark for quality, but maybe don't be so sure. We have made some very nice A3 prints that have been very successful in competitions with a variety of Pentax and Fuji compacts.

What I will say is that it is much more difficult to be sure that a suitable image has been captured.
Best regards, John


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I see....then it looks like the best option for me - I am not planning to do any A3 prints - is the Optio I 10. I like the retrņ style and I went down to my local shop to play a bit with it. It looks fine, quite user's friendly and easy to use. But some of you guys were actually mentioning Panasonic compacts as some of the best in the category. I used to take picture with a panasonic Lumix TZ4 and maybe I should stick to that Brand. I can't really make up my mind.... considering the prices of both cameras on ShoppyDoo UK -link- for the Pentax and on Camera Price Busters for the Lumix TZ8 -link - what would you get? Please, your expert opinion will help me make up my mind....
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I already have an I-10, and very good it is as well.
Best regards, John


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Whilst I'm very pleased with my K20D when it comes to compacts/P&S I can't ever remember even considering a Pentax, I don't think it's something they're particularly good at

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I don't know why you think that, I've had several perfectly good ones.
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I briefly used an Optio M85 (the entry level model) which I bought as a present for somebody last xmas. I found the image quality to be very good, however, the lack of any form of manual control would have driven me up the wall in very short time.

As point-and-shoot cameras I think the Pentax range are as good as any of their rivals, I just wish they made one with a fast lens, proper manual controls and a hot shoe...

If you're the sort of person who's happy with the camera making the technical decisions while you concentrate on composition etc, then I see no reason not to get any of the Pentax compacts - they all seem to offer a high level of image quality in relation to their cost from where I'm stood.
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For P&S I would suggest Panasonic Lumix series ... you have several options ... for maximum zoom range you can check the TZ series ... for a larger than regular sensor, you have the LX series, with the LX3 getting very good reviews ... I have used a FZ5, TZ4, LX2 and now a LX3 ... TZ was the most convenient but till the latest ones, it was mostly automatic (the new ones have manual options) ... LX3 has great pictures and a fast lens (2.0 to 2.8 ) but a short zoom range ... you could look at the Canon S90 and G10/11 models, but the S90 is reviewed to be a 'slippery customer' handling-wise, while the G series are small bricks size-wise ...

I would recommend a LX3 (if low light photography matters, and you can live with less zoom) else the best TZ version you can settle for ...
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