Any creative ideas on keeping Velvia cool in the desert?


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At least here is a question that I can answer.
Make a canvas bag that will hold a sealable container and large enough to hold water too.
Fill the bag with water, drop in the plastic container. use a rope handle to fasten it on the wing mirrors.
You will be able to buy one in the local shops in the middle east but usually the opening is to small for a container. They are called chaguls.
p.s. where is the best place to buy bulk packs of film in the UK.
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bresail wrote:

p.s. where is the best place to buy bulk packs of film in the UK.

Try - very reasonable prices and relatively quick delivery.
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This is for the digression into "film and airport scanners"
Most of my traveling has been to the US, but FWIW:
-Take the minimum amount of film for the first two days, then buy more in a Walmart or K-Mart It will be dearer than 7-day Shop, but it will not have been through a scanner.
-Put the film, and camera separately in your cabin bag. Make sure the carton is still sealed. "Look Mr Inspector, I just bought it". You can always load it later.
-If you feel really flush, buy the film in Dixons' air-side.
-Don't bring any film home. Have it processed locally. This can be a whole lot cheaper than the UK. That's less scanners to go through.
-Most fair-size rental cars have an air-conditioned glove-box - guess what you can put in there.
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One important factor to consider is the change in temperature. If you do manage to keep it cool don't suddenly expose it to the heat. You will do far more damage that way. Try to bring the temperature up as slowly as you can.

And if you are in bright sunshine find the darkest possible place to change film. Light can creep in in extreme conditions.
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for film and scanners, I bought a lead lined fold away bag specifically for film a few years ago when I went to Egypt. It came up on the scanner as a big black rectangle, so they wanted to check it out. I opened it up and proved that it was film. The security said I didn't need it. But I wanted to be safe. And Indeed it was. So get one of those, I managed to get 15 rolls in it no problem. Just remember that you will be asked to open it, but the security will understand when the see what it is. Unlike Poland who put my olympus trip through the scanner 3 times and ruined the film, Gits!
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I have never thought about this in the past, about puting film through a scanner .


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The power of X-rays used at airports for hand-luggage is a minute fraction of what was was used before digital cameras came along. It's better to carry your film in your hand-luggage, as it will receive much smaller doses of X-rays than it will if it is scanned in your check-in luggage (however, at most airports only about 10% of luggage goes through an X-ray scanner). The X-rays can only affect unprocessed film.

The horror stories of films ruined by X-rays on hand-luggage mostly predate the digital era. Some third-world airports still use quite old machinery, however.

Here's some advice from Kodak, albeit 10 years old.

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Today the trick would be just finding some Velvia!

Fuji reversal film has been increasingly unavailable in the last few years.
Perhaps this is Fujifilm's clever - or cruel - way of solving this problem.

This thread is always at the top of my feed here, so I couldn't resist...

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