Another set of 'Me Too' street photographs


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I had a little potter around Birmingham this afternoon, ostensibly to go to the phone shop, but as usual it ended up with an extended photo session

[Dargh, just spotted the typo in the thread title ]

Comments, constructive criticism etc gratefully received.

Soweto Kinch (M135/3.5)

'Everything must go' (DA35/2.4)

50/50 (F35-70)

Boarded up (F35-70)

'Interfaith exchange' (F35-70)

Soweto again

Puzzled boy (F35-70)

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I really like 3 and 4

I think 4 is my favourite. I love the way the kid is looking at the guy selling a message. be nice in B&W
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Nice set of shots, looks like you had better light than us up here.


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Cheers chaps. I have posted B&W versions of some of these in Karim's 'Street Photography for Everyone' thread.


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Good set, I really like #4, though I'd love to know what his placard says...

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Title fixed, like the images. Do you prefer colour to black and white for street photography?


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Really like #3 - standing alone without your commentary it could easily be interpreted as a confrontation !

Personally I think street lends itself to colour or B&W depending on the scene. I usually prefer colour (against the grain on here I know !) but the Dubai set I put up a link to, a couple of days ago, was absolutely superb in B&W (though I'd have liked to see the contrast with some colour shots too). Pentax. Pentax DA*300/4, Cosina 55/1.2, Lens Baby Composer Pro & Edge 80, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.
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johnriley wrote:
Do you prefer colour to black and white for street photography?

I am a 'default' colour photographer. If colour distracts from the photo I go mono - and for consistency I will develop the whole set like that. I think Puzzled Boy might be improved in black and white, because that would allow the background to be knocked back a bit more, and highlight the placard guy and onlooker. But the colour isn't very distracting, and candid shots of black people seem to look better in colour. When you take the warm brown skin colour away they sort of 'recede'. If anyone has any PP hints on that I'd be interested to hear about it


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johnriley wrote:
Title fixed, like the images. Do you prefer colour to black and white for street photography?

Black and White, for me.

But having said that, I think that "Wills" set here works well with colour.
Maybe number 3, would work in B&W.

Take care.

Chris R.
Chris R.

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Its a good all round set Will. Can I ask if the boarded up picturee is a result of the recent riots?
As for the discussion on colour vs I think each each picture has its own characteristics, sometimes colour and sometimes mono is better.
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Thanks David. Yes, the shop was one of those affected by the riots, quite a few on the Bull Ring got smashed.
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