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Another K3 mk.III thread

Posted 22/05/2021 - 15:13 Link
First impression is that coming from a K-1, it is tiny , even the K-3 feels chunkier. The extra weight vanishes because of the ergonomics of the grip and thumb step on the back plate.
Viewfinder is a tiny bit brighter than the K-1 and just luxurious to look through, it picks up just enhances the light somehow.
Shutter button doesn't have a defined half press but is very sensitive so a caress brings the camera to life, i find I can control the shutter very easily picking off single, double or say a triple burst within 30 mins of acclimatisation.
One of the first lens I mounted was the DA*50-135 and while I won't say transformed, I will say improved enough to be noticeable, with the camera being far more assured in driving the AF. Accuracy is spot on.
Image below is 12.8K ISO, 135 @ f/2.8 around MFD, being bold with 1/50s, focus point on the needle and loads of reds Camera is in stock out of box state other than I've set date, copyright and raw format to dng.

K-3iii & DA*50-135/2.8
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Last note, the raw files have a less grainy feel to them compared to the K-3. I use creative cloud version of Light room and Adobe has not as yet released an update to recognise the K-3iii
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Posted 24/05/2021 - 23:34 Link
oldhat wrote:
The last occasion I recall of any obvious marketing was when the K10D came out!!

More recently they did that clever video thing where you could enter your name at the beginning and then it featured on billboards and newspapers and posters throughout the video
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