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Link Posted 03/06/2016 - 13:59
I've just received the DA10-17 from Richard... such a tiny little lens (compared to the DA12-24), and a crazy angle of view. Interestingly, it's capable of some seriously close macro shots - which I'm definitely going to enjoy

In the past I've seen comments like "I'd like to know what the extra 2mm will give me" - but when compared against a rectilinear lens of the same focal length, the fisheye will always have a wide angle of view. So, I thought it best to show with some examples.

Do note - the two vignette lines above the frame on shot 1 were because I had composition adjust still enabled, and the lines are the shallow petal hood of the DA10-17

Image gallery of DA10-17 vs DA12-24 vs DA17-70

I've put the images in focal length order, with the length and lens name in the caption.

Hopefully you'll see that the DA10-17 at 17mm is actually fractionally wider than the DA12-24 at 12mm

Then I finished off with some flower macros.
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Link Posted 03/06/2016 - 14:07
Looks like you're going to get on well with the lens Matt. I always carry mine, and it does add a new dimension.
Best regards, John


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Never considered using it for macro, like the shots, nicely done !!

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