AF160FC Ring Flash: In need of adaptor!


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Buy a roll of sticky-backed velcro. You'll need both the hook tape and fuzzy tape. Cut and stick bits of hook tape around outer rim of flash unit:

Cut and stick bits of hook tape to outside far end of lens hood, to match the bits on the flash unit:

Position lens hood against flash unit with bits of velcro aligned:

Cut lengths of fuzzy tape (do not remove backing paper!). Use fuzzy tape to attach flash unit to lens hood. This picture shows the flash supported quite firmly from the end of the lens hood. The hood is from the 55-300mm lens which is 7.8cm diameter at the flash end (I don't have the 100mm macro).

You'll need to experiment to find the best sizes and positions of the bits of velcro. I deliberately used small pieces so they will come off easily (I hope!). Presumably, the bigger the better for your use.

Quick, easy, cheap and it seems to work.

Good luck!

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Very innovative! Nice and easy as well. Was the unit pretty stable with this setup?


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bayesteh wrote:
Was the unit pretty stable with this setup?

Yes, stable even with the minimal amount of velcro I used. Very slight movement from side to side, but I didn't try to optimise the size and position of the velcro pads. It definitely would not drop off from a vertical lens hanging over an open mouth. When you consider how much hammering the velcro on childrens shoes gets and the shoes still stay on, it should be OK for the flash.

A roll of self-adhesive velcro only costs a few pounds, so definitely worth trying. Black velcro would look neater and more professional, of course.



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Great temporary solution! And very easy to do. Thank you, Steve.

This has inspired a new question: How will the newly added length from the lens hood affect the photos considering that I will be taking close-up pictures of teeth.


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Work in manual and adjust the exposure as required, some tests will be needed

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Probably won't make much difference. It isn't so much the added length that would have an effect as that's quite small. What will probably be more significant is that the hole through the ring flash is smaller diameter that the end of the hood so will block off light round the edge. In principle, that could reduce light levels around the edge of the frame, but I doubt if it would be enough to be a problem. And as Chris says, work in manual and adjust flash output to suit.

Try an experiment. Fix a sheet of paper with words on it on a wall. Put camera on a tripod (or other steady support if you don't have a tripod) at about the distance the teeth would be. Make sure the paper is evenly illuminated. Focus on the words (that's the reason for needing words). Take a picture without the flash. That will will give you a baseline to check the flash. Now repeat (exactly the same distance between camera and paper) with you holding the flash unit in front of the lens hood and aligned as accurately as you can. Compare the shot with flash with that without. The absolute illumination isn't of interest here, just how it falls off across the frame. If it looks OK, there shouldn't be a problem replacing words with teeth.

I've just been using my ring flash with a macro lens (not Pentax) that has a front element bigger than the Pentax lens. The adapter and flash is like a short, constant diameter tube rather than the flaring out of the lens hood. There isn't any obvious problem with the results.

Good luck!

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I was looking at the B & H Video website and they are advertising Bolt macro flash adapters that look similar to the Pentax AF 160 adapters including a 49mm one. It might be worth e-mailing them to check it out



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An e-mail can't do any harm, but be prepared for the answer you don't want. From the pictures of the adapters, it looks like the diameter of the bit that the flash grips is about 77mm. That's too big for the Pentax flash, which needs about 60mm.

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