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I'm planning a trip to Ambleside and I want to return with a really good landscape photo, ideally a stunning one for framing. The problem is that I haven't got a lot of time so I can't trek for ages and hope to stumble upon a great location. Does anyone know of a great place where I cannot go wrong (subject to weather conditions)? It needs to be within half an hour of Ambleside or further south. I'd be more than happy with a cliché like a pier on a lake or something similar but anything goes. I've got a tripod, Sigma 10-20 and CPL/ND grad filters so I should be okay for equipment, just lacking in talent. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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You could try Tarn Howes, which is a National Trust area. Ashness Bridge is also a well used location.
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You can drop down from Tarn Howes onto Coniston Water. If you take the B5285 down the east side of Coniston Water you will find your pier shot
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Blea Tarn between Little Langdale and Langdale is a good spot. 20 minute or so drive from Ambleside, and a classic view of the Langdale Pikes with the tarn in the foreground. Rydal water is another great spot for landscapes v. close to Ambleside.

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Might be too late with this but water or hills? Hills are more reliable and you have a wee bit of choice without going too far.


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Thanks for your help. I was going to go this weekend but weather got in the way. Not sure when I'll be able to go but either way won't be posting on here unless photos are really good.
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