Advice on Filters for 35mm


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Chrism8 wrote:

I can recommend SRB from experience.



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Thanks - some good advice there. Think I'll go circular with some step-down adaptor rings.


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I did do some experiments on filters and their effects on resolution, CA and flare:

It was interesting and could be repeated by anyone with their own filters.
Best regards, John


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I think for smaller diameter lenses (especially if it's on film), Cokin P filters are more than adequate, there may be a slight colour cast which might be a problem if shooting on chrome film for projection. The larger 'pro' filter systems are much more expensive and only really needed if you're using large diameter filter threads and need the extra hieght of a 150mmx100mm grad filter or are extremely dedicated about landscape.

I use a Cokin 'P' circular polariser up to 77mm filter threads without problems (the Lee equivalent is several times more expensive). I also have their 3 pack of ND filters (which if added together come in at around 6 stops) but I've never used them so can't comment.
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