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I have a question about the 85-210/3.5 as I have this rare lens and close-up lens in original box in excellent condition but don't find myself using it at all. Realising this lens is more of a collector's item (K 85-210/3.5), I've decided to sell it.

Where would be the best place to put it up for sale and where would collectors find my link easily? I'm based in London.

I would be happy if it could go to a collector who hasn't got this one for his/her collection of K-serie lenses.
Any input is welcome!


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We have a Classified Ads section here on the forum. Post there, with pictures and giving your asking price and see what happens.
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I would use ebay to check what the same lens, in similar condition has sold for in the past and then put it up for sale on the forum here.
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Very rare lens and expensive in it's day. I've got the f/4.5 version purely for nostalgic reasons because the M42 version was the first zoom I ever bought for a Spotmatic. The M42 f/4.5 version cost around 2,800 in today's money in 1970.

The f/4.5 is a good performer and I would imagine the f/3.5 to be even better. Ebay's the only place to give any indication of value. I would imagine 120 upwards.

Quite long lenses by today's standards.
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