advice for a good workflow routine re - noise reduction then sharpen etc


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I know this is probobly open to many differant opinions but I was wandering what people regard as the best workflow routine as I have a number of raw files in dng format at 400 iso that could do with some noise reduction and sharpening plus cropping I have the pentax software for my K7 and adobe photoshop cs2 but not any noise reduction software at present so recommendations on the best and simplest to use as well would be good thanks

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Noise Ninja - I'm told - is very good. Look on the Luminous Landscape site for recommendations.

Sharpening guidelines from Scott Kelby (one of those Photoshop guru guys)

Subject Amount Radius Threshold
Soft subjects 150 1 10
Portraits 75 2 3
Moderate sharpening 225 0.5 0
Maximum sharpening 65 4 3
All-purpose sharpening 85 1 4
preparing for Web 400 0.3 0

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Hi! No worries re the spelling - you have made your request clear IMO.

I note that you shoot in RAW (DNG) - great start!

I'm going to risk complicating your life a little further. Lightroom 3 beta 2 (by Adobe) has superb noise reduction control and performance. At the moment, it is the best NR there is IMO. It's free (for now) as it is a beta release. It is pretty much all I use for my RAW workflow, and for conversion to jpg.

I look at it this way - if you are considering an additional piece of software for noise reduction anyway, why not get one that will incorporate industry-leading NR right into your RAW workflow?

I'd hesitate to recommend universal settings for NR or for sharpen - this will vary from case to case: not only for the amount, but in the masking you apply, and in the detail that you wish to be included in either sharpen or NR.

You've got a good bit of kit in your signature line, so we should see some great pics from you down the track

The link to the free (for now) Lightroom download is here (the beta expires in a month or two, and then we will have to shell out dollars ) -

All the best with it.


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thanks for the pointers - i will have a look at the software cheers

K7D DA 18-55 mk11WR|50-200 wr|DA16-45|Tamron SP90|lots of manual pentax glass
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