A50 f/1.2 vs DA*55 f/1.4


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So, I'm about to have the 2 lenses listed above in my bag. The A50 f/1.2 has seen off all the other 50s, FA50 f/1.4, FA50 f/1.7, K55 f/1.8, Super Takumar 50 f/1.4s, numerous variations of K's, M's and A's. The one that cohabited longest was the K55 f/1.8, it was just about different enough not to compare directly as it renders slightly differently from a typical SMC K of that era and I preferred it for closer portraits.
So any opinions on which will be better and why? Will the extra 0.2 of a stop of the 50 win through? Or will the 5mm extra reach of the DA* nullify that advantage? Does the design heritage of the 55 show in its rendering? It is after all the ugly sibling of the 43 and 77, descendant of the FA*85, whereas the 77 is an improved but smaller more beautiful version of the A*85.
I love it when a new lens joins my lens stable
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A50/1.2 AND DA* 55/1.4

I have the 50/1.2 but not the 55/1.4 -- sounds like a good complimentary combination. I do have an FA50/1.4 and that's very different character to the A50/1.2

forget about putting them in competition with each other and just enjoy 'em
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Probably right Smeggy

They are about the same size, A50 has a way bigger front element though whereas the 55 has the bigger hood!
Focussing wise, its not as slow as I have been led to believe, its quick enough, no more but no less. Interesting little lens none the less.

On a side note, the new Carl Zeiss 55 f/1.4 Otus has been treated to some tests at Lenstip, monster of a thing. Still vignettes madly at f/1.4 despite its bulk. I am thinking that the DA*55 will give you 95% of the performance for 25% of the price
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