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A Very Yellow Macro

Posted 07/02/2023 - 13:50 Link
Another wild and weird ultra-macro. It's the tip of an anther of a flower on one of Mrs L's African Violets (the same flower as yesterday's stigma). Magnification at sensor about 10x (possibly more). The yellow background is another (OOF) anther. A stack of 90 shots. It won't win prizes for sharpness or other measurable parameters, but I still rather like it.

Taken with the same kit as yesterday's stigma - a Q-S1 attached to Pentax Auto Bellows A with a Laowa 25mm 2.5-5x macro (at 2.5x) on the other end. Back of the bellows moved to shift focus. Again, its pushing to the limits the lens, sensor and the stability of my macro setup. And 90 tiny, manual steps is pushing to the limit my ability to not move, not breath and not scratch my nose! Automation was looking strangely attractive (but not the price...).

Thoughts, comments welcome as usual.

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