A true loss to the photographic community.


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I started out learning photography with a big box of old popphoto magazines that I got for a quarter at a yard sale. (of course there was also a second hand pentax k1000 bought for $20.00 from an old friend).

Feel like I knew him, all these years.
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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Mr. Keppler was probably the biggest reason I went with Pentax back in my K1000 days... I liked the way he seemed to be able to cut through all the marketing spin and hype, and detail what was 'right' about a piece of equipment. (or wrong, as he sometimes did..)

There goes probably my last reason to occasionally buy PopPhoto...
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That's a real shame.

I hadn't even heard of the guy until about two weeks ago when I found an article he'd written online, I liked his style very much and spent the rest of the day browsing through some of his other pieces. Looks like I joined his fan club just a little too late.

RIP Herbert Keppler.
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