A Schneider Radionar 105mm that missed the scrap bin by a whisker.


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Some people really mistreat things. In this case a Prontor shutter containing a Schneider Kreuznach f4.5 105mm lens. It was doubtless sluggish, as many of them are so the silly so and so oiled it! (They are designed to run dry). I only use them on DSLRs after doing an M42 conversion on them so, as long as the shutter can be kept open by use of the T setting and the aperture works I'm not too bothered about the shutter itself. However, the oil was all over the iris blades and the glass was coated with it. The Radionar is a triplet so you can imagine the mess.
I almost ditched it but since it was 'scrap' anyway I thought I might as well dismantle it and see what happens. To cut a long story short, after removing all the glass and using a few dozen cotton buds dampened with dilute hair shampoo I got it all crystal clear. Since the aperture blades are metal, I dunked the whole shutter and gave it a good shaking followed by a couple of rinses and put it on some kitchen towels by a radiator. That cleaned the blades but the mechanism was still a bit slow - but that doesn't matter - the T setting works ! The front cell has multiple entry points to the shutter's helicoid so my precaution of photographing its alignment the instant it came free paid off and I got it screwed back on in exactly the right place (phew!).

When I put it on the camera I was gobsmacked at the results. This potential scrapper from the 1930s is the equal of some the best Pentax glass! It quickly acquired a focusing helicoid and I discovered that a vintage "Black Cross" hood fitted over the front cell a treat.

Here it is fitted onto a Pentax K1, showing the various compontents.

and with the hood fitted - it really looks like it means business.

These few were taken on a recent walk .....

1 A WW2 bomb crater that has been softened by the trees.

2 Hazel catkins with amazing Trioplan style bokeh rings (the multi-bladed aperture is almost circular).

3 It was never intended as a macro lens but with the focusing helicoid fully extended you still have an additional (original) helicoid on the front cell.
Screwing this all the way out as well enables close ups that the original users never dreamed of.

4 Jess, the farmer's retired sheepdog.

5 and one of the sheep.

6 An elderly Massey Fergusson tractor with a decidedly custom built front shovel.

7 As I said, it does great close-ups.

8 or even closer with an additional extension ring!

Normally Radionars sell for high prices - for obvious reasons - but nobody wanted this one and I nearly binned it. I'm so glad I didn't.
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An amazing rescue job on the lens. You're a genius!

The photos are really good. It might be the lens, it might be the light, it might be your processing, but they seem to me to have the feel of photos from the days of film. Why do we bother with big, heavy and expensive modern lenses??

PS: Having cleaned the lens with hair shampoo, does it now have more shine, long-lasting smoothness and no sign of dandruff?


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Fantastic and it illustrates why I, like you, am incurably addicted to old glass.

This is one you should be rightly proud of and such beautiful colours and clarity.

The way to success is to experiment and if you don't try, you don't achieve.

Well done!

PS This has prompted me to add 'older lenses' into my signature... lol..
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The results speak for themselves, well worth all that effort!



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Great results, really like the catkin. Amazing colour rendition and sharpness.

Very impressed in how you are able to adapt these old lenses and the achieve such results.

At first I thought that the bomb crater maybe the crater from the Hanbury explosion near Tutbury, Staffordshire.

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Lovely images. I am completely in awe of your skills!


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Thank you everyone for those lovely comments. I have now discovered that a standard, M series, 49mm pinch fit Pentax lens cap fits over the hood perfectly!
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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