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A Request for K20 owners that use Photome

Posted 28/08/2009 - 18:18 Link
Manufacture date: 2008-03-06 6th March '08

Purchased about: 15th June'08
K20D, *istD, MZ-S, Super-A, ME Super, MX
DA* 16-50, DA* 50-135, DA* 300,
DA 50-200, FA 24-90, FA 20-35,
M 400-600, A 50 f1.4, A 28 f2.8, A 70-210, M 35-80, M 50 f1.7
A x2S teleconverter and a few others ...
Posted 28/08/2009 - 18:21 Link
You'll know if a body is unused from the dealers as it will prompt you to set the Date and Time as soon as you first switch it on. If it doesn't do this, it's been used since it left the factory.

Images recorded counting starts from zero, but other information that we access with PhotoMe and the like wasn't intended for user access, so it could mean anything. For all we know it could be a refernce number from the shutter testing machine. I wouldn't worry about it, unless someone feels motivated to contact Pentax Vietnam and ask them.
Best regards, John
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Posted 28/08/2009 - 21:02 Link
John I will be contacting them for sure if my 2 month old K20 comes back from them again not fixed.

I had a dark line show up on images after only 140 shots I would have said faulty sensor it was return to supplier who sent it for repair it was returned to me 10 Days later and the first shot had the same dark line.
This is what made me do some checking with photome also found that after so called repair the shake reduction did not work every time

The main reason for checking dats is that I waited over 12 months to by the K20 hoping to get a later manufactured body.

Yours Karl

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