A quick set from this morning...


Link Posted 08/05/2010 - 11:57
Hello all. I have a shiny new telephoto lens to play with but the weather is rubbish and it turns out I apparently have ‘work’ to do today instead of heading out with the camera, so to sate my need to take pictures of something I nipped into my tiny backyard with the DFA 100mm and grabbed a couple of macro shots...

First up, a dandelion between showers...

and a blade of grass likewise

The garden pests march down the underside of a bud (keeping dry perhaps)

and a tiny, almost transparent, snail pretends to be king of the castle

All were taken with flash and hand-held... hope you like them. As usual, any C&C welcome.


Mat W
Mat W

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Entertaining macro shots - and the flash complemented each of them IMO. Thanks for posting.

PS Aphids are the bane of our rose bushes...


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The first and last photos appeal a lot to me, Mat. Real nice focusing efforts.
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All good but that first shot is just stunning. Wow...

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Yes that first shot is fantastic...the snail is a great shot too! They are all good though I am not particularly enthused over the blade of grass... I can see why people have been raving about this lens.

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Very nice shots (esp 1st and last). The dandelion reminds me of those fibre optic lights that used to change colour that were all the rage in the 70's!

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Nice set, the first one is superb.
Enter it for the PPG, it would be a certain bet,
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Thanks for the comments everyone! The Dandelion was amazing to look at through a macro lens (the DFA 100 is a smasher in my view) - there are so many layers to it and it's a bit of a challenge to keep what you want in focus (note to self - use a tripod!) but am pleased with the result - I took quite a few shots that look more o less like this. The snail was teeny-tiny as well... I would estimate about a centimetre and a half nose to tail - I think the dead looking conifer it was on has become a snail nursery as there are loads of the tiny things on it

Thanks for the vote of confidence Mike on the PPG front - I think I'll enter it.

Thanks again all

Mat W
Mat W

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First and last for me too. The snail is good but wish the flash reflections weren't there. The dandelion is very impressive, brilliant even
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No.1 for me.
"Grabbed a couple of shots........" !!!!

best regards,
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Thanks Tim and Roger, much appreciated. Tim, I agree with you on the flash reflections on the snail, although the light was pretty poor this morning and this was a dank dark corner of my yard so I was stuck with flash... If the weather perks up mind, then I'll be out there again...

Mat W

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Mat, if this is what you do under duress and by just "popping out into the yard"...

Excellent work and revelling in what your new lens can do!

Best wishes,


P.S It is so cold here that I didn't take the camera out. It's not often I say that!
Best wishes,


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Nos 1& 3 are great, love the dandelion its my favorite.

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