A Practical Look at High Speed Synch


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Darkmunk wrote:
Hi Nigel, been away for a while.
Nay idea what the state of play is with remote HSS now (Dec 201.
I still can't find anything out there. I can't believe Pentax hasn't come up with a radio trigger. I need it almost every time I shoot an event, but just have to make do with on-camera flash or reflectors and an assistant

I used hss with two pentax flash units but had one tethered with the dedicated 6 ft pentax cable and adapters... the other wireless
with one flash this always worked, dual flashes was hit and miss sometimes outdoors esp indoors it was better...

but if you really want a system that excels... right now I think you'll want to look at the Godox system.
hope that helps.
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Darkmunk wrote:
AH ok, thanks Don

The Godox system is everything I ever wanted in a pentax flash except for digital color control that however IS available in rotolight led flash which aren't powerful enough to overpower full sun..yet.. but they're coming...

paired with the sony a7iii I'm quite happy nd yes I guessed wrong bluetooth was not the future for flash photography, the godox system works on radio still but same channel as wi-fi
it isn't unusual for me to be a decade or so ahead of everybody else's thinking
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.
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