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A Journey into Dendle's Wood ( video blog)

Posted 17/10/2013 - 00:35 Link
'A journey into Dendles Wood'

A video diary of a trip into a remote. ancient native oak & beech woodland on Dartmoor. The site has restricted access by means of a permit. This is a visit in the early autumn of 2013.

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It is a short film that includes;

a first field test review of the unique modular camera pack system that I have been very kindly lent by Coordinate Gear for a few weeks;

narrative on the history, flora & fauna;

techniques on waterfall photography

and above all an insight into a beguiling place, one that gives a rare chance to witness what the ancient richly wooded moorland looked like after the last ice age.

Music: 'Midnight Bell' by Purple Planet & 'Amlum' by xpurm

* The low-tech video's sound levels vary and are slightly hindered by 'white noise' from the waterfalls and whitewater rapids in the background.
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