A few more from Northumberland


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Grateful for some tips for local sites from Alan (Blythman) which led to these birds, plus a few scenic shots of a lovely Seahouses evening. All comments/criticism welcome!










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Love the landscape shots but think the copyright notice is a bit of a distraction



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Fabulous action with the swallows John. Lovely light on the water at Seahouses, and like the person apparently walking on it in #6

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Ah yes you cannot beat a bit of Northumberland.


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They are all excellent but Northumberland takes some beating. I agree with Stan reduce or remove the copyright notice and then the Northumberland Coast would be back where it should be "Top Dog".
Regards David
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Forgot to ask, haven't seen you much recently on the site, where have you been? What camera was used for these? The Swallow photos are spot on and the coast photos are just as I remember Northumberland's sunsets.
Regards David
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All good. Some wonderful landscape/seascape shots to boot.

That spuggie looks like it's been out all night in Hartlepool.

Best regards


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davidrobinson wrote:
What camera was used for these?
Regards David

The exif says K-5.

Brilliant shots. Say no more

Sometimes I'm serious and sometimes not, but I consider sarcasm an artform. Which is it today?


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wonderful images here, in particular I love the seascapes. The distant outline of Bamburgh Castle is superb.

PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


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Excellent seascapes! (The bird shots are not less competent, it's just that the subject doesn't interest me too much.)

Looking at the images I wonder if they would look more pleasing to the viewer unaware of the lay of the land if they would be mirrored. Difficult to choose a favourite between 4, 5 and 6.
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Nobbit question here, Gravelrash - how can you see the EXIF data for these shots ? I assume it's a right-click on the mouse but I can't see which option after that !

Best regards



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Stridey wrote:
Nobbit question here, Gravelrash - how can you see the EXIF data for these shots ? I assume it's a right-click on the mouse but I can't see which option after that !


I was put on to FxIF plugin for my Firefox browser on Windows 8.1


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Thanks to all for your kind comments - I must say that I really do like the seascapes myself. I went up to Northumberland expressly for the Farne Islands trip, but needed to walk off a huge serving of fish n chips the night before the trip and fell lucky with the light (which was nowhere near as good on the islands the next day!)

I agree about the intrusive copyright thing - I was messing about in Photoshop and ended up making a bit of a mess of the batch processing, but should have spotted it earlier. Should have added that the shots are all with the K-5; the birds with Sigma 120-400 and the scapes with the Pentax 18-135, which is a lens I really like for speed and sharpness.

In reply to David Robinson above, I've been here all the time, but I'm not a prolific poster! Mainly because I still regard myself as a novice and am frequently overawed by the quality of so many posts which mine don't match up to. I've got a few landscapes I could ask for comments on, so maybe I should be a bit more active!

If you've read all this and are still awake, thanks again!


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These are beautiful shots, all of them. I agree about the watermark, but there's no criticism from me on the photography front.


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Lovely seascapes, so atmospheric I can hear and feel the water and hear the seagulls just by looking! Beautiful diffused lighting and the layered contrast really makes these special.
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