A few from France and Spain


Link Posted 27/04/2010 - 22:13
We had a fairly crowded 3 days in the Pyrenees. Many of my pics are really snapshots of things - it wasn't easy getting things I really wanted but it was fun

1) The Chateau Fort in Lourdes

2) Lunch Spot in Spain [ where other folk where buying cheap wine etc

3) Street scene from Spain

4) Fantastic building in Lourdes - the Hotel Moderne . It's like wedding cake icing and has been cleaned since my last visit - I'm fascinated by this weird shaped building

Pics taken with the K-x and the Optio.

Comments welcome [ beware there are more to come ] but please don't destroy my confidence - it's in very short supply at present
let the education continue

proud owner of a couple of cameras and a few bits and bobs


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Some comments (not to harsh though)
Good set, I like the "Street scene from Spain" this is what I like to look for when I go away. (not a typical tourist shot)

"Lunch Spot in Spain" - try a crop of the left side to remove the railing and support, and reduce some of the top to just above the eight tree top.

Hotel Moderne - Its a bit bright, try adjusting the contrast to make the balcony rail stand out.


“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)


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Thanks Colin,

Actually about the only thing I've done so far is a mild bit of straightening - I've been scared to download these - only did them today and was a bit surprised at what I had

I'm appalled at the electric cables going everywhere in the Spanish Street - it beats the worst I can remember from past years
let the education continue

proud owner of a couple of cameras and a few bits and bobs


Link Posted 28/04/2010 - 09:16
The cables are pesky TI. Melbourne is a bit the same, it would be far nicer with underground power!

The Hotel Moderne could do with a crop of the right hand side, and it certainly is a very ornate facade. The clean looks to have done it the world of good, as it is almost shining now.


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