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A cautionary tale ...

Posted 01/02/2018 - 13:20 Link
So I am looking for a K200D (see my WTB ad).
I think I have found one on one of the "high street pawnbrokers".
It comes with the 18-55 kit lens and a nice Lowepro bag.
When it arrives, I open the box, all eager, and take out a K2000
This is, of course the US version of the K-M.
OK, so I am returning this for refund (and the seller has not made a fuss about this), but I have to try a couple of test shots, and these were way out of focus.
Rummaging in the depths of the bag, I find an SD card (wow, a whole 128mb) and take a quick look - the pics on it are also way out of focus.
A quick look with PhotoMe, tells me that the picures from the card in the bag were taken in 2008 with the K2000,and since then the body has taken a massive 40 shots (out of a total 4800 clicks as of yesterday).
One can only speculate as to who conned whom (or tried to) but this does remind one of Caveat Emptor.
Take note folks
Water can wear away a stone - but it can't cook lunch
Lenses Digital: 50-200, 18-55 KAF: 28-80.
Lenses KA & K: SMC-KA f2.0, SMC-K f1.4, SMC-K f1.7 Tokina KA 28-70 , SMC Pentax 70-210 F4, Sigma KA 75-300 , Hanimex 500mm Mirror, and the Tamron Adaptall-2 stuff.
and then there's all the M42 kit, and the accessories ...
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Posted 01/02/2018 - 15:25 Link
Glad you are able to return it ok, albeit a bit of time wasted etc.

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