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I find Thomas Heaton's Youtube videos on landscape photography informative and often inspirational, but he blindsided me with this one:
After watching it, I looked up Jason & Tracy Bould's website, they certainly take some good photos, but it is the reason behind and purpose of their 73 in 73 project that stopped me in my tracks. Here's the link if you want to know more:


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Thanks for those links

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Ronnie, Thomas is a superb photographer and his images are stunning. I'm also very impressed with his video editing skills, no way I could produce a YouTube video to that quality!

The 73 in 73 was a very poignant video and an eye opener
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73 in 73 is a quite remarkable project, thanks for sharing. some wonderful landscapes already, all in driving distance of us here in Chesterfield, must get out more this autumn.


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This has struck a chord with me too, for several reasons. Our twin boys were born in Chesterfield Royal Hospital at just 24 weeks. Sadly, Thomas died at birth, whilst Daniel, who was so small he would fit in the palm of my hand, struggled for life for nearly 4 months and eventually pulled through. He left hospital still on oxygen, which he needed for the next few months of his life. Whilst in hospital he suffered lots of setbacks, including a perforated bowel which almost killed him and detached retinas in both eyes, which could have blinded him. He is now 22 years of age and has a job. He has no brain damage and is a relatively normal adult, although he is different and does still have some sight difficulties. Daniel was the second youngest baby ever to survive at Chesterfield Royal Hospital at that time, so is something of a miracle.

I wish we could have had the foresight and energy to do something like Jason and Tracy, but at the time we were struggling just to function normally. This is inspiring and epic, thank you for posting.


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