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Posted 04/05/2024 - 22:31 Link
Hi looking at a 2nd hand 645Z from USA, 29K shutter count, looks in great condition, $1400 delivery to UK..
No lenses...
I'm now nothing more than a casual DSLR user , have stuck with Pentax and have a K 70 and K3ii and dozens of various lenses.
I'm hoping the 645z might re trigger a spark..
What lenses would I need to cover me ?
Seen lots of 2nd hand 645 lenses under 200...
And lots over 4k...are we looking at a0ples and oranges here?
Stick to DSLR or go for the 645z?

Posted 05/05/2024 - 05:45 Link
The K-1 beats the 645Z for me.

The 645Z is a brilliant camera and satisfying to shoot but only pick it if that's the main objective. The K-1 will give you a lot more versatility while also holding its own in the IQ department.

In terms of lenses, you've got a smaller field to choose from when compared to the K system. Pretty much all the lenses are good when stopped down (look at how good the 45-85 gets compared to wide open) so you can buy a few cheaper FA lenses to cover your main FLs before slowly swapping in better ones when you're ready.
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Posted 06/05/2024 - 00:42 Link
I own 2 645Nii and a z. I would get the 45-85 zoom. That is my workhorse lens. Pair that with the 80-160 and you will have most of your bases covered without getting too bulky or heavy. Both can be bought used and are usually not too expensive. The 33-55 is nice if you need a wide angle. You will need to upgrade to the latest firmware if it has not already been done. It gives you a red screen on the tilt screen to preserve your night vision. I have a Russian 500mm mirror lens and a 400mm Pentax lens. Both are nice but do not get the same workout as my other lens. There are Arca Swiss plates made for the 645. They have the pin to stop rotation and have a bigger surface area. I have it on all my 645's. They run about 40 US. One side effect is that if you do not have a tripod rated for this kind of weight you may need to update that.
I love the images that my 645s capture. breathtaking.
Posted 06/05/2024 - 14:05 Link
Firstly, the 645Z is a DSLR, just a bit bigger than the ones you already have.

Secondly, it's a lot of money to spend on a maybe unless you've handled one before and like how it works and the images it produces.

Thirdly, the Pentax 645 is a dead mount, so you need to be OK with that.

Personally, in your situation if I wanted to stick with Pentax I'd go for a K-1 and then I could use all my existing lenses on it.
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Posted 06/05/2024 - 16:11 Link
Are any of your existing lenses FF and if so, are they AF?

Best regards
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Posted 08/05/2024 - 07:29 Link
I purchased mine several years ago, its a superb camera to use, the lenses can be acquired at reasonable costs particularly if your prepared to source from the Far East / USA. At $1400 delivered its great value and if you need to scratch the MF itch as I did then go for it.

My most used lens is the 45 - 85 followed equally by the 25 - 45 and the 120 Macro which also gets good portrait use, as mentioned above, just like a big SLR, it slows you down which is a good thing the SR is great, The resolution is superb, even wide open and I shoot TIFF sooc

I do have FS a boxed 80 - 160 that I'd be open to an offer if you decided to acquire the Z from the USA.

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