$6.5million for a photo


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I don't know if you have seen this story yet. Peter Lik has sold a photo for €6.5 million. He sold a couple of others to the same person for a couple of mill too.

This is a Guardian article on the photo

I have to agree with it.

http://www.lik.com/ is the photographers website.
Can't say I like his treatment of most of his photos - many of which, to quote the Guardian, are hackneyed and over processedto my mind.


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Had a look at his galleries,...... I couldn't find one photo that hadn't been through the 'Photoshop mill' and processed to death.
As for the 6.5 m photo......well it just proves how dumb some people are with their money
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A modest sort of chap!! I've never seen another photgraphers website that features so many pictures of themself He even has a section dedicated to him called 'Hero'
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RussV wrote:
He even has a section dedicated to him called 'Hero'

Personally I think if he can get $6.5 million for that picture, if he called himself God I would believe him (somebody obviously did)
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michaelblue wrote:

As for the 6.5 m photo......well it just proves how dumb some people are with their money

Or, perhaps, very clever - if he can sell it in a year or two for 7.5, 8.5 or even 10 million. Nothing should surprise in the world of "art"!



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Oh hurrah! A great rant on the futility of photographers aspiring to be have their works classified as art. The author expresses everything I want to say but so much better. Photography is a fantastic way of finding beauty or drama and saying 'this is our world in all it's glorious variety and detail - take a look and gaze in wonder' and many photographers develop an artist's eye for subject matter, colour and composition, but it has to be a true record of what the human eye would see otherwise it is phoney.

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IMHO along with young lads getting paid £30,000 a week to kick a bit of plastic around for 90 minutes and bankers being paid millions of dollars a year for bankrupting economies, this sort of thing just goes to highlight how little value there now is in money since the gold standard was dropped.

It's worth reading (and following the links in) Mr O'Hagens rebuttal to Mr Jones's piece, just in case you are starting to lose faith.
As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.
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