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GrumpyGrandPa wrote:
Lubbyman wrote:
Another vote for the 16-85mm. It's a very good lens and goes well with the 55-300mm - everything from wide angle to long telephoto covered with 2 lenses. And 490 is 100 less than the price at SRS Microsystems etc, so don't say where your shop is or the lens might have gone by the time you get there!.

Regards Steve

Oh, we only live once - SO, I have gone for the Pentax 16-85 even though it is NOT available any longer at 490 BUT now at 570.
You folks have been a great help in so many ways - esp with my re-discovered LBA.
I can spend my retirement voucher and a fair bit of my pocket monies, enjoy life and not leave much to Care Homes or the "lovely" tax man
Win: win situation don't you think?

Good decision, I'd say the 16-85mm is the best landscape lens I own, though it's a shame they put the price up by 60 quid. Has the price gone up recently at other retailers? It's 584 at SRS and Amazon UK so still a little cheaper than them.
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Lubbyman wrote:
GrumpyGrandPa wrote:

Oh, we only live once - SO, I have gone for the Pentax 16-85 even though it is NOT available any longer at 490 BUT now at 570...
Win: win situation don't you think?

Welcome to the 16-85mm owner's club! You won't regret it. That and the 55-300 should keep you happy for a long time to come. Looking forward to seeing some photos on the forum.


Burst mode = 400 ISO; 1/250th, f6.3 and at 300mm with my "new to me" Pentax 55-300 lens on my K-S2.
The crouching dog belonged to another beach-goer and he was waiting for the ball to be thrown.
The wee dog and it owner - well, I just like the way that for both of them, only half their 4 feet are in contact with the ground.

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