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I have chosen 12 images, one from each month, and picked ones fresh to this forum, so not in my Portfolio! Many months were full of worthwhile images, but others relatively sparse.
Not necessarily "the best," but some of the more interesting for me, and perhaps for you, dear Reader.....

Abstract bamboo by Arle Images, on Flickr
This is a "false ICM" image of some bamboo stems in the Winter Garden at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey


Dark Hellebore by Arle Images, on Flickr

I love hellebores, this one from my garden is one of my favourites, taken with my Samsung-Xenon 100mm macro


Merchant Navy in the gloom by Arle Images, on Flickr

One of my favourite locations, this is about 20 mins walk from home, although 10 mins of that is "trackside"
I am a volunteer on the Mid-Hants Railway and have a PTS certificate to enable me to take inside shots. Here is Clan Line, a regular mainline performer, visiting the MHR for our Spring Steam gala. I spent a lot of time in PP getting the light right, I rather like the delicate lighting, not every railway shot needs full sun!


Micheldever Wood by Arle Images, on Flickr

Bluebells are so hard to capture - the intensity of colour thst I see is difficult to recreate. Here I stitched five vertical shots and worked hard in post to re-create the feel of early morning sun.....


Raindrops on Petals by Arle Images, on Flickr

This I considered for my recent "Five in a Row" thread, but rejected it, so I just had to put it in here!
Queen of the Night tulip bloom covered in raindrops from an overnight shower. This bloom was in a pot on my patio. The trusty 100mm macro again.


Wadebridge at Dusk by Arle Images, on Flickr

Ahh, night time steam! 10past 10 at night, but in late June that is really only dusk! A panned shot with the DA50mm f1.8 nearly wide open means I could keep the ISO TO 2500....A lot of my June photos were taken on a Fuji X20 so don't count on this thread


Vulcan in flight(2) by Arle Images, on Flickr

Not the greatest shot of XH558, and probably not my greatest shot of a Vulcan either, but I put this in because I was given some tickets to this year's Farnborough Airshow, which is were this was taken with a Tamron 70-200 f2.8. My first job after Uni was at RAE Farnborough (well, Pyestock technically) so this is a nostalgic shot for me.


Shed Cameo by Arle Images, on Flickr

One from an organised night shoot at Didcot Railway Centre, although I had slipped away from the main gallery to shoot from a different viewpoint. The volunteer re-enactors have to stand very still!


9F crew by Arle Images, on Flickr

Don't normally go for the "pseudo HDR" look, although I do use bracketed exposures for HDR shots, but this is an exception...a single exposure with added HDR'ness. Proved popu;lar on FlickR though.


Toadstools on a branch by Arle Images, on Flickr

These were growing on a branch a few feet above my head on a woodland walk...just liked the light. Sigma 50-150


Fun with XM655 by Arle Images, on Flickr

Loads of good pictures this month, but here is some fun....strange processing of ANOTHER Vulcan, this one doesn't fly, but can do fast taxis! This lives at Wellesbourne, Warks, about 3 miles from where my daughter is currently studying.


Deer Train by Arle Images, on Flickr

Another fun one, I was waiting to photograph a late December train, when several deer came bouncing past!
Taken with a K3 as I acquired one in early December
Everything Changes


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Another fine set. Struggling for a favourite until I came to December. I love it



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This is proving to be a great idea, and here's another fascinating and varied set. December is amazing....
Best regards, John


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September is my favourite here, although that December one is a 'right place and pointing the camera in right direction' shot! Another great set Stephen


Link Posted 07/01/2015 - 09:06
Super set... The deer is an amazing shot... Also particularly like the bokeh toadstools and bluebell wood... Very nice indeed...




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Wow, a terrific set. I was having trouble choosing my favourite then I came across December, which blew me away. One of the best ' right place, right time' shots I have seen for a while.

Best regards



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not a train person but the image for March is brilliant along with pseudo HDR gentleman and the icing on the cake, December Deer
odd lens or 2



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Well done, a fine set. Love the train shots, especially the one with the deer and the fungi picture where the lighting is excellent.

PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
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A pleasure from beginning to end. I'll join the mob with December just stealing the show.


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Thank you for all the kind comments...December seems a hit, it wasn't one I thought was that special....I have some others from that set that I may now put into my portfolio...also enjoying other's yearly dozens!
Everything Changes


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Super images. The last is in a genre of its own, rather special.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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This is like doing you self appraisal, how to write the same thing but different 10 time

Wonderful set Stephen, April and August get my fav votes
LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.


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High quality Stephen, your Railway images are something else! However, they aren't my favourites in this set, January, April and December get my vote.


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