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I am looking at a K-R with the 18-55 & 50-200,anyone care to advise on whether they are good or not?, is the 18-55 the same optically as the other 18-55 Pentax lenses?
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Yes, they are very satisfactory. The DA MkII, the DA WR and the DA-L 18-55mm are as I understand it optically identical and have higher resolution than the original Mk I lens.

The 50-200mm is also a fine lens, but the 55-300mm is better if you can stretch to it.
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The 18-55mm is my only AF lens wider than 28mm. I feel no particular urge to replace it as for the few times I want a wide angle lens it's perfectly satisfactory. Try it around f8 or so for best results.

If you end up with the DA-L lens you can buy 3rd party copies of the Pentax lens hood rather than spending almost as much as the lens cost on a genuine part. They clip on just like the real thing and are the same shape, the moulding may be a little rougher around the seams but it can easily be smoothed if you're bothered by this.

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I can't comment on the 50-200mm as I have the K-x with 18-55 and 55-300mm. Both of these lenses are exceptional when measured against their (relatively) nominal cost. There are plenty of landscapes on the Gallery that demonstrate the quality of the 18-55mm (morpheus71, JohnE) and many different shots that show off the 55-300mm.

Buy with confidence.


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The standard zoom is much better than its price would suggest and stopped down to f8 is hard to better no matter what you pay.
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Personally I would skip the 50-200 and go for the alternative suggested by John, or one of the fine older lenses like the F 70-210mm. The 18-55mm is bundled for next to nothing, and if you get a good one, is pretty good. Unlike a lot of people I haven't been especially happy with my copies when scrutinising my shots (I sent my first one back), but neither were so bad as to be unusable, far from it.


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The 55-300 is considered to be superior to the 50-200. So as John said, if you can stretch it, it will be the better option.

The extra reach is an added benefit.
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I have both the DA50-200mm and the DA55-300mm and while both my copies are excellent I find the 50-200 is better at 50mm than the 55-300 is at 55mm... even at f8
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Many thanks to you all.
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