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I wonder if forum members would be so kind as to post their experiences with this lens. It it the subject of a very critical review as I am sure you are aware of, but how do users rate the lens?


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I'm completely happy with mine.

As it happens I'm going to Appleby Fair this weekend. I bought it last year after the Horse Fair because I got sick of changing between my 16-45 and my 50-135, not to mention the 18-55 when the rain started.

So, this evening I'm pondering if I can get away with just taking that one lens.

The below were my first photos with the lens


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When I go to the Great Dorset Steam Fair this year it's the only lens I am taking.
Says it all really when you consider the other lenses I have.
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It's a great travel lens IMO and if I could keep only one lens it would between this and the FA 31 Ltd. It's very useful, quiet and really well built too.

I'll be taking my 18-135 to Florida in August for general use in their humid climate. Should be fun seeing the faces of Canikon owners as I shoot away with the K-5/18-135 on the water rides!

My FA 31 wil also be going along, mainly for night shots.
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It's a lovely gritty lens that gives sharp, colourful images with a very pleasant rendering. Fine detail is less than some lenses, it's a high contrast lens with bite, so something has to give, design-wise.
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Another happy user.

I'll go with all of the above plus I am happy to take it and use it on mountain trips in all weathers. It is the one lens solution for me.

Most of the mountain pictures in my gallery, taken over the last 18 months, were taken with the 18-135.


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I really rate mine, very useful focal lens, weather resistant of course and agree with the others comments.

Recommended lens!

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If you find one at a good price (generally split from a kit) then it's a very decent purchase. It spends more time on my camera than any other lens, because it covers a decent range and, regardless of what Klaus wrote, produces pretty appealing looking images. If you're happy to stop it down a little and don't mind post processing to deal with vignetting (both of which are features of most superzooms in any case), you get a very nicely-made WR lens which is a flexible addition to a WR body.

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I would echo the comments above, the build quality is excellent, centre sharpness very good, and overall sharpness fine, with a high level of microcontrast that makes up for the slightly softer edges. It's worst fault for me is the relatively high level of distortion at the wide end. WR is great, a recent trip (January this year) for a photocharter at the Swanage railway was no problem with this lens, whilst one fellow tog has TWO Canon lenses give up on him. Definitely worth getting. I was a bit hesitant, given the Photozone review, but have no regrets. FWIW I got an unboxed one split from a kit from SRS.

Link to photos taken at Swanage, mostly with the 18-135
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Despite the luke-warm reviews most people seem really happy with this lens. I'd be really interested to know how it stacks up against the DA 18-250 (and just out of curiosity the 16-50 too), if anyone has any experience.

I've always been pretty happy with the 18-250 package and it is pretty sharp at the wide end. But I quite like the contrast I get from some of my "better" lenses and wonder if the 18-135 would be a good compromise for travel.
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WE have both lenses and the 18-135mm is the better lens technically. It is also WR. However, the 18-250mm, a different beast, is a good lens in its own right.

For travel, the 18-270mm would be my lens of choice, but I can't afford one just now.
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I had the 18-250(Tamron version) and sold it to help towards the cost of the 18-135. The latter has faster focus and greater microcontrast. I must say I don't really miss the longer reach. The 18-135 is also pretty compact, not a huge amount bigger than the 18-55.
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Superb all round as stated, quiet DC motor, quick focusing,sharp. I hope they do a replacement55-300DA WR next with same motor. My only criticism would be the continuous rear unmarked focus ring for manual use.


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As above + Excellent flare control. Very good consummer, all purpose lens (decent macro performance too)
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I want to thank you all for taking the time to reply. It is reassuring to read positive user experiences.
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