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Hi all

As some of you may know, I've been lucky enough to have been one of the Ambassadors for the Pentax K3 over the last 12 months. I've had the use of a K3 and lens (I chose the DA 12-24) for a year, which I've thoroughly enjoyed. I think the K3 really is a belting camera: same ergonomics etc as the K5, slightly (but only slightly) bigger body, noticeably improved resolution. In return, part of my remit has been to supply Pentax/Ricoh with 6 photos taken with the K3 every month, making a total of 72 over the whole year.

I've really enjoyed this as an exercise: it can be quite tricky to choose (and then share) 6 photos every month for a year, partly in terms of my own personal quality control, partly because I tried to treat each 6 as a mini collection so that the 6 photos hang together in their own right, and partly because I've been aware that in the end they'll add up to a collection of my work for a year, and I've had one eye on how that might hang together as well.

Inevitably you end up posting some which a couple of months later you may not have, but on the whole I've really enjoyed the experience, as, amongst other things, it's made me question specifically what it is I'm trying to achieve with the photographs that I take.

Anyway, that's quite enough chat from me. If you're interested, you can see the full collection on my website here.

Here are 12 that I think are probably representative of what I've been up to:













Thanks for looking... all thoughts, observations, c&c very welcome as always...




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Superb creative work all round! Every one smacks of quality and originality, with a good amount of personal style shining through as well. I do like the minimalist beach types with their dreamlike aura ... Would look great on a white wall in a trendy Cafe or gallery in Shoreditch or somewhere like that!

The only one I'd change really is the one with the tree and bright yellow foreground grasses, which I find really overpowering ... Perhaps a softer effect there would be good .. ? But its a incredible set, an inspiration to me who can only dream of getting to those sorts of locations and obtaining such results. Thanks for being our K3 ambassador!
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Crikey no 9 is a absolutely sublime image...I mean they ae all good, but that one has such power!
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What a cracking set - very hard to pick a favourite but nos. 1, 9 ,11 & 12 are my personal picks; least favourite - I'm with Neil in that I'm not sure that No. 2 is quite right, but you've set a very high standard with the whole set.

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Some cracking shots there Bill...as others have said you have set a very high standard. My personal favourites are No.12 and No.6 in that order. My least favourite (relatively speaking) is low contrast No.5...a bit too subtle and bland for me..but quite an arty shot regardless.

I hope Ricoh/Pentax have found the whole 'Ambassador' thing to have been a success and continue it again this year...and if it was up to me i'd let you keep the camera and lens!




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StephenHampshire wrote:
Crikey no 9 is a absolutely sublime image...I mean they ae all good, but that one has such power!

I must agree to this..but all are excellent. Worthy ambassador.
Best regards

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Many thanks for all your efforts as a Pentax ambassador. You've posted some cracking shots.

Surprised Pentax haven't tried to persuade you and other ambassadors to run some workshops.

No 6, love the colours, it just pops and screams autumn.

No 10 cracking composition, and lovely tonality.

No 11, the wide angle and mono conversion draw you in.

No 12, probably my favourite a stunning abstract, that I'd be proud to have on my wall.

Many thanks for all your posts on here too.



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Wow, simply a masterwork, a privilege to see, can't say anything else

Thanks for sharing this wonderful set of images with us

Best Regards


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4 and 9 rock my boat but taken all together, you have totally capsized it!
Wonderful images
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Absolutely stunning set. Now that's how to do it! Can't pic a favourite!

Great news on being an ambassador also
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Superb set. Strong compositions and creative concepts.



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A lovely set, although I agree with Nigel about the yellow grass shot (yellow and red are such difficult colours for digital cameras to handle).

It's an honour to have such a role but a bit of a poisoned chalice, too. I'd find it hard to come up with six thematically linked pictures each month.
Best wishes,


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Congratulations on your Ambassador status, not many could have carried out the brief to such a high standard.
I am not a lover of ten stopper stuff but I do like number one, then at the other end of the time scale number twelve is so dynamic.
Grasses what grasses, it is barley.


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Superb set Bill. Not going to pick a favourite



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Bill - congratulations on a stunning 12 months of work. Of these 12 - it is impossible to choose a favourite but much easier to pick a least favourite - and would agree with others on this being number 2.

Having followed your link and had a look at your complete year of images (and if anybody has not had a look - they really should!) - I would agree that the 12 you have picked are representative BUT they are by no means 'the best' - simply truly representative of the quality of work you have produced.

A few of the locations you have used are familiar to me and having personal experience of photographing these just adds to my appreciation of the quality of work you have produced.

A year to be proud of Bill

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