1000 feet with one lens


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If you were able to travel across the countryside 1000 feet up, what would be the one lens you would take up with you on your K3 or would you take your 28mm to 200mm 12MP compact?
LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.


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28-200 and 12MPcompact, IMHO


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18-135. Its usually in the corner of my bag. At the weekend when I went out with 2 bodies, with a lens on each, covering between 16mm and 135mm
It was handy to have that in the car, just in case things got too heavy after a few hours, and I wanted to revert to a single lens on one body.
Its always in the bag, when I'm humping my long lenses around for wildlife. Its just a no brainer. Small, light, produces good results.

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It would have been the 18-135, but now I think I'd choose the da16-85. With the da16-85 there is such a lack of flair it would really help a lot in that situation.

Of course it does rather depend on what you want to take pics of?


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18-135, if not available 60-250 or preferably both
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Thanks for the replies folks

It's interesting to see the 18-135 getting the nod over the compact (it is a good one - LF1) but I'm surprised no one has mentioned the DA18-270, from the reviews I have read it seems a decent compromise in quality over zoom range.
LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.


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For me it would be the DA*50-135mm. I can also the the advantage of having a wide angle, say my Sigma 10-20mm or DA*16-50mm. to get sweeping views.
At 1,000 feet though you would be a little too low to get much of a view in the Scottish Highlands or Snowdonia.
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