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Oh, Caj, just to let you know, it will work with any of your lenses as long as the back element does not protrude from the back of the lens. The F4 message is only a guideline to ensure accurate AF.

As an aside, I looked at my Tamron 17-50 F2.8 and decided it is not worth trying as the back element does protrude somewhat.
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Link Posted 16/05/2014 - 20:58
Received mine today also, first impressions are very good.

All PEF converted in LR5.3, no pp, some have a little NR applied, all exported with Low Sharpening for screen turned on.

K3, Sigma EX APO 70-200 f2.8 (screw drive) and HD1.4x (I now have a Sigma 100-300 f4

With this lens the f stop and focal length are reported correctly in the exif, 70=98; 200=280 and f2.8=f4.0.

I can't wait to try this with the 100mm F2.8 macro lens

K3, DFA 100WR Macro and HD1.4x:

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Mine's arrive too.

Taken with the sigma 150-500+ 1.4.... I think this may be a very useful addition to my bag!


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Mine has arrived too also sold 1.7x adapter bit cheaply but made a friend happy
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First day out with mine.

Both shots DA*300 + the 1.4HD

Dripping Gull.

Don't know this dogs name but It's probably sandy.


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You're a bunch of "show offs" - mine's on order, I blame you all !


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Anyone done a direct comparison between the Pentax 1.4x & the Sigma 1.4x with the long Sigma zooms (100-300 F4, 150-500, etc.)?
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davidstorm wrote:
First shot with mine:

K-5IIs, DA*300 + HD 1.4 Converter, this was shot from approx. 30 feet away, ISO 400, Shutter 1/100, hand-held. First impressions are great, impact on IQ is negligible, I can't wait to try this with the 100mm F2.8 macro lens.


Looks good - should get mine next week


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It appears about half the UK received a 1,4 TC yesterday - and I was no exception. Took it for a walk this morning and it seems to work OK with swans, irrespective of dimension.

From Kelsey Park it was a short hop to Brands Hatch, where I was particularly keen to see how the TC performed. Some shots were acceptable, but I had a lot more waste than would normally occur during a race meeting. That probably has more to do with me than the kit, though. I'm back at Brands tomorrow and the experimentation will continue.

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Damn you all
I'm £279 poorer now
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couldn't resist at that price either, though I missed out on this batch, bit disappointed about that... but ho-hum, hopefully it will be with me next week, just in time for my lenses coming back from repair....
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Link Posted 22/05/2014 - 21:16
Me too, only just found out today although ordered last week.
"Just a quick update; Pentax have contacted us to say that the delivery is slightly delayed and the item is now due mid next week.

May I apologise for the delay, but Pentax have assured us there will be no further delays."
Still at that price I can't complain.


Link Posted 04/06/2014 - 00:28
Seems to work ok
With 100mm macro:-


Link Posted 15/02/2017 - 12:21
Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but does anyone who bought one of these at the time remember if it came boxed or unboxed?

Iíve sold mine (hopefully but I canít find the box, itís driving me nuts as Iím usually pretty careful with the original packaging
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Link Posted 15/02/2017 - 12:27
IIRC it came boxed with a little black leatherette pouch.
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